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Jamie Allen

Jamie has worked in consulting since 1994, with top firms including Price Waterhouse and Chariot Solutions. He has a long track record of working closely with clients to build high-quality, mission-critical systems that scale to meet the needs of their businesses, and has worked in myriad industries including automotive, retail, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and more. Jamie has been coding in Scala and actor-based systems since 2009, and is the author of "Effective Akka" book from O'Reilly.

John Bergmans

| HTML |

John Bergmans, owner of Bergmans Mechatronics LLC (BML), developed the first Facebook application to use the Kaazing WebSocket Gateway. This application, called EarthControl, is a good demonstration of the use of WebSockets to enable real-time, multi-user, applications within a browser, without the use of plug-ins. To support BML’s efforts to promote the use of WebSocket technology, he has also developed several other unique demo programs.

Having used TCP/IP sockets to connect devices in data acquisition and control systems, John believes that WebSockets’ TCP/IP sockets-like connectivity between browsers and servers can result in a new generation of dynamic and responsive Web-based applications.

John is an experienced speaker who has performed presentations on a range of technical topics, such as LabVIEW software programming, solid rocket motor control and laser-based instrumentation. In addition to WebSocket application research and development, BML continues to be involved in creating custom data acquisition and control software. The firm’s client base includes companies in the industrial, medical, scientific, and defense sectors.

Adam Breindel

| Java | XML | JBoss | Apache | Tomcat | UML | C++ | C | JavaEE | Linux | Ruby | Ajax | Adobe Flash | JavaScript | Hibernate | Web Services | Eclipse IDE | JBuilder | Servlets and JSPs | J2ME | NetBeans | Ant | CSS | HTML | Rails | OOP | Design Patterns | C# | Windows | MySQL | PostgreSQL | IIS | .Net | SOA | Adobe Flex | SQL | AWT | Swing | Agile |

Adam Breindel brings over 10 years of successes working with cutting-edge technology for small startups as well as major players in the travel, media/entertainment, financial, productivity, and consulting industries.

In addition to web sites, GUI applications, and mobile device software, Adam has also built high-volume middleware for one of the world's largest banks, and produced a new, modern integration to a 1960s-vintage mainframe app for one of the world's largest airlines.

Adam focuses on designing and coding systems in a way that yields predictable results, leverages best practices and high-productivity tools, minimizes excess code, and is fun to do. He has also spoken at tech conferences, written articles and skill assessments, and produced an open source tool for software development. Adam has enjoyed teaching large and small groups, covering topics from nuts-and-bolts Java programming to merging ideal process with real-world constraints in an organization.

Erik Bryn

Erik is an Ember.js core team member and has been using and contributing to Ember since its inception almost three years ago.

Erik has helped companies like Square, Netflix, Zendesk, Mozilla, Zoho, and LiveNation build and optimize their Ember apps.

Anthony Bull

For over a decade, Anthony has refined skills as a full-stack web dev with a passion for the frontend in both startup and enterprise environments (including at Siemens, Cisco, and Yahoo!)
In March of 2012, he jumped on the quickly-evolving Ember.js and was instrumental in developing and deploying an Ember.js/Rails app to production after the company identified a market opportunity. He architected the frontend and rapidly implemented modifications to it over several sprints as part of a get-to-market strategy. Currently, as the Web Engineer for Concurrent, he is crafting the next generation of frontend for Big Data flow visualization using Ember.js among other frontend technologies.
Sometimes he can be found on the Freenode IRC channel #emberjs, occasionally he tweets about #emberjs as @inkredabull, and every now and then he blogs about Ember.js at http://thebullog.net

Velibor Cakarevic

| C | Linux | iOS | Asterisk | Android |

Velibor Cakarevic has more than 10 years of professional experience within embedded systems. He is experienced in both implementation of code and more high-level software architecture issues. During his whole career Velibor has mostly been engaged in development of real-time software for embedded systems and other technical programming, where special constraints concerning execution speed, available memory, and other hardware related issues are common. He has been working as a consultant for Ericsson, Toshiba, NEC, Sagem among others. Projects that he has been involved in are porting Google Android to ARM processor architecture, adding device driver modules to Android/Linux kernel, writing device drivers for RFID and 3D-axis modules. Velibor has also performed system design of Application Lifecycle management for application modules running on OSE integrated with LiMo and Android environment. He has ported software running in simulator on PC to ARM target using hardware assisted debug tools. Velibor Cakarevic obtained his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Degree from Lund University, Faculty of Engineering in Sweden. He lives in Malmö, Sweden.

Francesco Cesarini

| Erlang |

Francesco Cesarini is the founder of Erlang Solutions Ltd. He has used Erlang on a daily basis since 1995, starting as an intern at Ericsson’s computer science laboratory, the birthplace of Erlang. He moved on to Ericsson’s Erlang training and consulting arm working on the first release of the OTP middleware, applying it to turnkey solutions and flagship telecom applications.
In 1999, soon after Erlang was released as open source, he founded Erlang Solutions. With offices in three countries, they have become the world leaders in Erlang based support, consulting, training, certification, systems development and conferences. Francesco has worked in major Erlang based projects both within and outside Ericsson, and as Technical Director, has led the development and consulting teams at Erlang Solutions. He is also the co-author of Erlang Programming, a book recently published by O’Reilly and lectures at Oxford University and the IT Univertisy of Gothenburg. You can follow his ramblings (mainly on Erlang, Erlang Solutions, the Pope and Berlusconi) on Twitter.

Alex Chaffee

| Java | Ruby | JavaScript | Rails | Agile | HTML5 | jQuery |

Alex is a hardcore coder, teacher, and a prolific contributor to a variety of open source tools and frameworks. At Pivotal Labs, he led the development of Pivotal Tracker, a popular project management application written in Ruby and JavaScript. He is also regarded as one of the Bay Area's leading Extreme Programming coaches. On top of his many software development accomplishments, he has published research papers on evolutionary computation (aka 'genetic algorithms') and implicit memory in human cognition.

Brian Clapper

| Java | Python | Ruby | Rails | Scala | AngularJS |

Brian is an independent consultant with 30 years' experience as a software developer and worked for a stock exchange, the U.S. Navy, a large software company, and several startups and small companies, before striking out on his own. Brian is fluent in many languages, including Scala, Java, Python, Ruby and C#, and C. In addition, he is highly familiar with current web application technologies, including frameworks like Play!, Ruby on Rails, Django, and front-end technologies like Knockout.js and Angular.js.
Brian founded the Philly Area Scala Enthusiasts in 2010 and, since 2011, has been a co-organizer of the Northeast Scala Symposium; he was also co-organizer of Scalathon, in 2011 and 2012. Brian is also involved in Technically Philly Groups, as non-profit dedicated to supporting the many technology user groups in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. He maintains a substantial GitHub repository of open source projects and is fond of saying that even after many years as a software developer, "programming is still one of my favorite activities."

James Cropcho

James Cropcho has been building software applications, and companies around those applications, for over a decade. He has held founder, co-founder and first-hire roles at startups in a variety of industries.

James was a university lecturer for two and a half years, teaching undergraduates to implement basic statistical models and algorithms through programming. Additionally, he has led workshops and classes, as well as developed a curriculum, for General Assembly, a school focusing on technology and startups.

He is the creator of the MongoDB schema analyzer Variety, which was featured on the official MongoDB blog in 2012, and a member of the two-person team which uncovered the first wide-scale breach of the secret ballot in American history, in 2007.

Renée De Voursney

| Ruby | Rails |

Renée draws upon experience from a variety of projects, from high energy physics simulation to financial forecasting models, to provide key expertise for her clients in the areas of business intelligence and software development. As a business consultant, she utilized her background in computer science and economics to create innovative solutions for leading organizations in the telecommunications, aerospace, and high tech industries. As an expert in agile development and a technical leader in the Ruby on Rails software community, she co-founded Seattle RailsBridge and frequently presents at both domestic and international Ruby conferences.

Owen DeLong

| PHP | Perl | Apache | C | Linux | HTML | Mac OS X | MySQL | Sendmail | Bind | IPv6 |

Owen DeLong is an IPv6 Evangelist at Hurricane Electric and a member of the ARIN Advisory Council. Owen brings more than 25 years of industry experience and is an active member of the systems administration, operations, and IP Policy communities.
In the past, Owen has worked at Tellme Networks (Senior Network Engineer), Exodus Communications (Senior Backbone Engineer) where he was part of the team that took Exodus from a pre-IPO start up with 2 data centers to a major global provider of hosting services, Netcom Online (Network Engineer) where he worked on a team that moved the internet from an expensive R&E tool to a widely available public access system accessible to anyone with a computer, Sun Microsystems (Senior Systems Administrator), and more. He can be reached as owend at he dot net.

Anton Epple

| Java | NetBeans | Swing | NetBeans Platform |

Anton has more than 10 years experience leading Java projects and has published many articles on the topic. He is a consultant worldwide for a wide variety of companies, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, in many areas, including finance institutions and aerospace. In his spare time, Anton is community leader for the JavaTools Community at Java.net and a member of the NetBeans Dream Team and Governance Board.

Sameer Farooqui

| Hadoop | Cassandra | NoSQL |

Sameer is a freelance Big Data specialist, with deep industry expertise in the Hadoop domain. For the past five years, he has deployed various clustering software packages internationally to clients including fortune 500, governments, hospitals and banks. Currently Sameer provides NoSQL training to corporations 80% of the time and does consulting 20% of the time. In the past year, he has taught over 50 courses, of which about 30 were on-site. All of the curriculum Sameer teaches from was custom developed by him along with the slides and labs.

Most recently he was a Systems Architect at Hortonworks where he specialized in designing Hadoop prototypes and Proof-of-Concept use cases. While at Hortonworks, Sameer also taught Hadoop Developer's classes and visited various customers as a sales engineer to brainstorm use cases. The core Hadoop products he specializes in are HDFS, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, HBase and Zookeeper.

Previously, Sameer worked at Accenture's Silicon Valley R&D lab where he was responsible for studying NoSQL databases, Cloud Computing and MapReduce for their commercial applicability to emerging big data problems. At Accenture Tech Labs, Sameer was the lead engineer for creating a 32-node prototype using Cassandra and AWS to host 10 TB of Smart Grid data. He also worked on a 30+ person team in the design phase of a multi-environment Hadoop cluster pilot project at NetApp.

Before Hortonworks and Accenture, Sameer spent five years at Symantec where he deployed Veritas Clustering and Storage Foundation solutions (VCS, VVR, SF-HA) to Fortune 500 and government clients throughout North America.

Max Firtman

Maximiliano Firtman is one of the leading experts in mobile and web 2.0 development in the Americas today. From development and private consulting work, to writing books and speaking at conferences, to training some of the most advanced software teams around the globe. Max has been a Nokia Developer Champion since 2006 and Adobe Community Champion since 2011. He is the author of the book Programming the Mobile Web and the upcoming jQuery Mobile: Up & Running, both published by O'Reilly Media. He has also written books in Spanish distributed in Latin America and Spain, such as AJAX, Web 2.0 Para Profesionales. You can follow him on twitter at @firt.

Today Max focuses on HTML5, CSS3, mobile web, multiplatform hybrid development and WPO (Web Performance Optimization). His Mobile Web Programming Blog discusses mobile web development with quite good success finding new things on devices (such as the accelerometer API in iOS) and creating the most complete mobile emulator guide up to now. He has also launched the free service Mobile Tiny URL for easy URL typing on mobile devices. In September 2011 Max has also created a new project Mobile HTML5, a compatibility tableof every mobile platform and its HTML5 support.
Max is the founder of two user groups: ARFUG -official Adobe User Group- and Mobile Argentina; and has organized lot of events in the last years, including MobileCamp and Adobe en Vivo Argentina. Max has presented at many conferences across the US, Europe and South America like Velocity, OSCON, Breaking Development, Nokia Talk, goto conference;, Campus Party, Adobe Lite Days, Adobe en Vivo, MobileCamp, and BarCamp.

Gordon Force

| Java | JBoss | Apache | Tomcat | JavaEE | Spring | Hibernate | Web Services | Eclipse IDE | Servlets and JSPs | Ant | Maven | Design Patterns | Scrum Project Management | Agile |

Gordon Force has 25 years of product development experience as a developer, architect, director and instructor. Previously, he led development and application support for the ConnectPay and Encompass products at First Data. Agile development, with a heavy emphasis on testing, contributed to an effective strategy for consistently delivering new features on time, with high quality and industry compliance. Gordon now leads NewCircle as CEO.

Jeremy Green

| Java | XML | JBoss | Apache | Tomcat | JavaEE | Linux | Ruby | Ajax | XSL | JavaScript | Web Services | Servlets and JSPs | CSS | HTML | Rails | OOP | Mac OS X | MySQL | PostgreSQL | SOA | SQL | Selenium | HTML5 | jQuery | WebSocket | Git |

Jeremy has been creating web applications in one form or another for over 15 years. He's a full stack developer who is just as much at home working on the front end as he is with a server stack and a DB console.

He has worked on a wide variety of projects from custom content management systems, to e-commerce, to high volume video syndication and distribution. His roles have ranged from developer, to architect, and he's always looking to learn new skills and expand his horizons. He's an active participant in the Oklahoma City developer community and is one of the organizers of OkcRuby.

If you find him away from a computer you might catch him drumming, taking photos, or cooking up a batch of home brew.

James Harmon

| Java | JavaEE | Spring | Hibernate | Eclipse IDE | Android |

He is an experienced developer and has spent a majority of his career
building large-scale online applications at Accenture and at several
Web-centric consulting firms. He now specializes in training Java
developers to be more productive by using the latest technologies and
frameworks. Jim has provided training for Fortune 500 companies and
large private and governmental organizations including Knight Ridder
Newspapers and the State of Wisconsin. He lectures extensively
throughout the United States and Canada. He is also the author of
"Dojo: Using the Dojo JavaScript Library to Build Ajax Applications".

Rick Hurst

| JavaScript | CSS | HTML5 | MongoDB | jQuery |

Rick has been a freelance software engineer since he graduated in the early 2000's. He has worked in the UK and America both as a freelance consultant and as a freelance developer. He is a very passionate and seasoned full stack developer, specializing in advanced front end user interface(UI) and user experience(UX).

Having worked as lead CSS3/HTML5 developer for a start up in the Bay area, Rick has bleeding edge experience in ensuring extremely complex systems have simple to use and intuitive interfaces.

Having worked with nearly all web technologies over the last decade he believes that there is no one size fits all technology. However, he is an advocate for using open source wherever possible and admittedly has an affinity for curly brackets.

Rick has a passion for CSS and UX. You will also often find him talking about JavaScript being a 'real' language, or that JavaScript on the server is “what the world has been missing”.

Between hitting up Las Vegas on the weekends and playing Magic the Gathering with his other coder friends, Rick is currently developing amongst other apps; a real-time unified social network for the trade show industry based in Las Vegas and a bidding platform for a crowdfunding app based in San Francisco.

Nathaniel Jones

Nathaniel Jones has been a web developer for about a decade now, working primarily with Ruby on Rails for the past four years. About a year ago, he founded Third Prestige, a web application studio in Austin, TX, built around the idea that designers and developers work side by side through the entire process to deliver the best possible overall product. Along that line, he's always strived to be a full-stack developer, transforming business logic into database schemas one day and layering in smooth transitions with jQuery or CSS3 the next. He also helped start the course Design for Developers, helping developers understand the principles and logic behind how design works.

He's excited to help mentor developers in best practices and delivering maintainable software, whether that's helping teach with MakerSquare, a 10-week web development bootcamp, or volunteering at Cafe Bedouins, Austin's weekly hacknight, or just pair programming with a junior developer on hard problems.

Merike Kaeo

| IPv6 |

Merike Kaeo is the Founder and Chief Network Security Architect of Double Shot Security, a company that offered worldwide technical strategy and business consulting services to secure IPv4 and IPv6 networked infrastructures. Merike has followed the evolution of IPv6 for the past 15 years and has been actively engaged in standards work and hands-on deployments since 2004. Her work with the North American v6 Task Force (NAv6TF) and IPv6 Forum earned her an IPv6 Fellow status in 2007.

She is a recognized global expert in network technologies and information security. She authored 'Designing Network Security', which was translated into 8 languages and is a reference book for many security accreditation programs. Merike also wrote the first comprehensive IPv6 security technology paper for the NAv6TF in 2006 and has since been a frequent speaker and instructor of IPv6 security issues and solutions at security-related conferences and ISP forums around the world including RSA, NANOG, RIPE, APRICOT and SANOG.

From 1993-2000 Merike was employed by Cisco Systems, Inc. where she was responsible for developing strategies with senior executives for entering new markets and working with business development managers to execute investment, partnering and acquisition transactions. Merike worked primarily on technical issues relating to network and application performance, routing protocols, strategic large-scale network design, and network security. Merike started her networking and information security career at the National Institute of Health, designing and implementing the original FDDI backbone for the NIH campus using Cisco routers.

Merike received her BSEE from Rutgers University and completed her MSEE degree from George Washington University.

Stephen Kochan

Stephen Kochan is one of the most acclaimed iPhone and Objective-C instructors in the U.S. today. In addition to writing Programming in Objective-C and Programming in Objective-C 2.0, Stephen Kochan is the author and co-author of 10 bestselling books on the C language - including Programming in C (which has sold over 1 million copies), Programming in ANSI C, Topics in C Programming and on Unix, including Exploring the Unix System and Unix Shell Programming. He has been programming on Macintosh computers since the introduction of the first Mac in 1984 and wrote Programming C for the Mac as part of the Apple Press Library and Beginning AppleScript as part of the Wrox Programmer to Programmer series for Jon Wiley.
Mr. Kochan spent several years working at AT&T Bell Laboratories. While he was there, he worked on performance measurement tools and developed and taught courses in C programming and the Unix System.

Founded and managed the growth of a software company from its inception throughits acquisition; Directly responsible for a staff of 45 employees, consisting of 35 engineers.
Provided technical management for the development of large graphics programming systems; Ported proprietary operating systems and large graphics software applications to embedded platforms
Author/co-author of ten bestselling books on UNIX, C and Objective-C programming. Programming in Objective-C 2.0 is the #1 bestselling title on the iPhone development language.
Over 20 years training experience in Objective-C, C, shell, and Unix, including through live webcasts.
Experience with many different development environments, from MS-DOS and Windows to Mac OS X and embedded operating systems; developed websites using HTML, SQL, and Cold Fusion MX

George Korsnick

| Java | Ruby | JavaScript | CSS | OOP | Design Patterns | iOS | Android | HTML5 | MongoDB |

Over the past decade, George has had a hand in numerous domains including Healthcare, Data Analysis, Geomatics, Financial Routing, Logistics, Real Estate, Ecommerce and Social Networks. As a Y Combinator Founder, and the CTO / technical lead of several companies, he has a passion for understanding the state of emerging technologies across the stack.

These days, when not obsessing over piano works from the 1800s, George has been working to harness virtual currency market forces and next generation user interfaces.

James Lafferty

| JavaScript | CSS | HTML | jQuery |

James Lafferty has been a web developer for eight years, specializing in PHP, JavaScript and CSS. Previously, he has done development work for Nikon, IDG and Safeway, as well as many other clients. He has taught at Yahoo!, eBay and Stanford University, and currently works at Endicia, a Newell Rubbermaid Brand specializing in postage technologies. At Endicia, James places a strong emphasis on communicating best practices to junior developers, Agile methodologies and producing high quality JavaScript, HTML and CSS code.

Ron Lichty

| Scrum Project Management | Agile |

Ron Lichty has been alternating between consulting with and managing software development and product organizations for over 20 years, the last 12 of those in the era of Agile. Principal and owner of Ron Lichty Consulting, Inc., he has trained teams in Scrum, transitioned teams from waterfall and iterative methodologies to Agile, and coached teams already using Agile to make their software development "hum". He was certified as a Scrum Master in 2009.
Ron has repeatedly been brought in as a “VPE of Fix-It” to solve problems like painfully slow product development, past-due estimates with no delivery in sight, snafus from geographically dispersed teams, scalability stymied by sluggish data integration, productivity bridled by uncertainty, an "order-taking mentality" from teams that should be proactive, and teams unable to break out of research and move on to development and delivery.
Ron's 450-page book, "Managing the Unmanageable: Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams," was published by Addison Wesley last month. He has been an adviser to a half-dozen start-ups. He co-chairs SVForum’s Emerging Technology SIG; founded its Software Architecture SIG; chaired East Bay Innovation Group’s Software Management Best Practices SIG; and was a member of the board of SVForum, Silicon Valley’s largest and oldest developer organization. Ron’s developer conference and professional group talks and webinars include implementing Agile and Scrum; the importance of teamwork and community in software development; transforming software development from chaos to clarity; and the changing role of and opportunities for software development managers in organizations going Agile.

Justin Lloyd

| .Net | Android |

Justin is a driven, entrepreneurial, serial CTO with 35 years in the business of video games, developing and delivering titles on 26 platforms. He is creator/co-creator of dozens of land-based casino and social casual casino games, successfully developing a number of F2P and real-money gaming related properties.

He has worked on such franchises as Civilization, Pitfall, Hotwheels, Tyco, Star Wars, Shrek and Battletanx and with Disney, eBay, Microsoft, Apple, Lucasarts, Activision, Mattel, Vivendi Universal and SONY as clients. Justin has extensive experience with consumer facing commercial software, large-scale websites and other types of digital and physical products.

Kenneth Love

| Python | CSS | HTML | HTML5 |

Kenneth Love is a full-stack, freelance web developer who focuses mostly on Python and Django.

Kenneth created the Getting Started with Django tutorial series for getting people new to Django up to speed with best practices and techniques. He also created the django-braces package which brings several handy mixins to the generic class-based views in Django.

Marius Mailat

| Java | PHP | Android | iPhone and iPad |

Marius Mailat has been developing commercial software since 2000. His focus is mobile applications architecture and development for Android, QNX and iOS. 

He is an experienced Java developer who spent the majority of his career building large-scale Java applications for Xerox and Sabre Travel Network in Germany.

Android projects in which he has been involved are banking interfaces and shopping tools for Android. His interest in the secrets of Android platform was geared towards building Defense Squad Mobile Security app, a free, simple to use and innovative Android security solution. Marius is the founder of the Romanian Android Community Androider.ro which has now around 5000 active members.

Kito Mann

| Java | JavaEE | Hibernate | Servlets and JSPs | JSF | Ant |

Kito D. Mann is an enterprise architect who has developed applications with a wide variety of technologies on several different platforms. He has been working with Java since its debut in 1995, and has written several articles on Java-related products and technologies. Kito has consulted with Fortune 500 clients, including Prudential Financial and J. P. Morgan Chase & Company, and was recently the chief architect of an educational application service provider. He is also the author of JavaServer Faces in Action (Manning) and the founder of JSFCentral.com, a site devoted to the JavaServer Faces community.

Geoff Matrangola

| Java | JBoss | UML | C++ | C | Hibernate | Eclipse IDE | OOP | Design Patterns | iOS | Scrum Project Management | Agile | Android | Maps | iPhone and iPad | Hadoop | OpenStack |

Geoff spends most of his time leading a team developing specialized Android and iOS apps for law enforcement and regulatorily agencies. He is also an independent app developer with apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Geoff has been an adjunct professor at Loyola University Maryland in the Computer Science Graduate Program since 2003.

Geoff recently presented an class at AnDevCon 2013 in Boston on Automated Build Processes for Android Apps.

Kevin Moore

| Ruby | JavaScript | Git | Dart |

Kevin Moore has been a freelance software engineer and consultant for over five years. He specializes in open source web technologies. His experience includes UI platforms in .NET, web applications in Rails, and cutting edge games in Javascript.

Kevin is a committer and Google Developer Expert for Dart. His projects have highlighted the potential for building rich experiences with Dart. He is also the creator and maintainer of some of the most popular open source Dart libraries.
Kevin has presented at a number of conferences on Dart and structured development in the browser.

Daniel Morrison

| Ruby | CSS | HTML | Rails | Mac OS X | Agile |

Daniel Morrison has been teaching Ruby, Ruby on Rails courses at Marakana since 2007. Not to mention helping some of the most advanced software teams across the U.S. with consulting projects within the Ruby and Rails space. Daniel brings his industry expertise from these real world projects to the training class. With a background in Computer Science, there's a good chance Daniel will start rambling on about Merge Sorts or Big Oh calculations. If you leave him alone, however, his fascination with code, databases, and APIs will kick in and he'll start programming.
Daniel founded Collective Idea in 2005 to put a name to his growing, and already full-time freelance work. He can usually be found (coffee in hand) staring into a tiny 15" digital world. He writes about code and other uninteresting things on his blog.

Jeremy Osborne

| JavaScript | CSS | HTML5 | jQuery |

Jeremy never expected nor planned on becoming a hardcore programmer, much less a computer language polyglot, but that is where his varied career has taken him. Much more interested in the technical side of things, he's worked on projects from MUDs to mapping APIs to a browser front end for corporate file sharing. Jeremy likes to learn new technology by diving in, writing a lot of bugs, and then debugging everything to get a thorough understanding of how things work. There's nothing better than finding out just what a platform is capable of, and where the boundaries still exist. Jeremy's current favorite languages are JavaScript, Python, and Lua.

When he's not teaching, he's probably rock climbing with his son, writing code for that game that maybe-someday will be published, or reading yet another classic novel that he should have read in school but didn't.

Sherone Rabinovitz

| PHP | JavaScript | CSS | iOS | HTML5 | iPhone and iPad | jQuery |

Sherone Rabinovitz is a seasoned professional software developer and trainer with over 18 years of both corporate and academic development, teaching and training experience. He has been involved in one form of development, or another, since the mid 90's (including FLASH, web-development, CD-ROM & DVD authoring, Interactive Kiosks, etc).

Now a self-confessed “recovering web-dev,” Sherone has focused almost exclusively on iOS App Development for the past 4 years and has two Apps in the App Store. In addition to his development work, Sherone has criss-crossed the country a zillion times as he has trained 100's of professional programmers in mobile and web-technologies. These include developers from Fortune 500 Companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lockheed Martin, New York Life, USBank and AFLAC, academic institutions such as Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania, and federal agencies such as the Department of Defense.

Chris Richardson

| Java | JavaEE | Struts | Spring | Hibernate | Eclipse IDE | Swing | Groovy and Grails |

Chris is a developer and architect with over 20 years of experience. He is the author of very popular Java book POJOs in Action. Chris teaches you how to build enterprise Java applications using lightweight frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate. Chris has been a technical leader at Insignia, BEA, and elsewhere and recently was nominated a Java Champion.

His technical interests include domain-driven design, aspect-oriented programming, object/relational mapping, agile development and developer testing. Chris has spoken at various conferences including No Fluff Just Stuff Java Symposium, SD West, JavaPolis, SpringOne, the Colorado Software Summit and JavaOne. He is also the co-chair of the East Bay Java SIG. Chris has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, England.

Steve Romohr

Steve Romohr is a veteran of the software industry with a broad software engineering background ranging from customer-facing support to developing OS components. He is especially good at creating solutions by gluing together disparate technologies. He has produced proof-of-concepts, prototypes, products, and presentations for executives, customers, and investors.

Steve has worked for both startups and Fortune 500 companies. He started his own company where he developed, marketed, and sold network diagnostic utilities. He worked for Dell, Inc. where he was awarded U.S. patents in the areas of network service discovery, build-to-order processing, and cache management.

Steve is particularly experienced in performing research and development of security, networking, and systems management software. He is currently an active member of the Austin startup community where he works as a software consultant. He is currently focused on Android platform security.

Greg Sadetsky

| Python | JavaScript |

Greg Sadetsky has spent the last 10 years as an entrepreneur, software
engineer and scientist. Besides starting a coworking space and an online TV broadcasting outlet, he co-founded and led a successful web mapping consultancy,
whose clients included major US technology companies.

His development experience includes building web-based hurricane and forest fire tracking maps, interfacing with physical access control systems and doing real-time processing of biological images in the context of medical research. His weapons of choice have been Python and JavaScript.

Greg is completing his Master's degree in Biophotonics at University
Laval and lives in Quebec City.

Adib Saikali

Adib Saikali has trained and mentored thousands of developers at organizations throughout Canada, USA and Europe. His substantial technical knowledge, extensive project experience and ability to look at technical problems from a variety of perspectives, allows him to create innovative solutions to 'real world' problems. If he doesn't know the solution to a problem, he'll keep exploring until he either finds or creates one.

He is an expert programmer with a passion for the interface between business and technology. He began his career as a coder with a number of entrepreneurial organizations, ranging from small startups to (the then 750-employee) RIM. He went on to spend seven years running his own business, splitting time between consulting on technical project leadership for large programming projects, and training programmers on advanced programming techniques for clients such as Wells Fargo, HSBC, and Walmart.

As a technical author, Adib has contributed to several publications, such as Oracle Magazine, and has also spoken at numerous industry conferences, including JavaOne. He holds a Bachelors of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo.

Michael Salera

| Groovy and Grails |

Michael Salera, B.A., is a technology consultant with more than 16 years of experience building applications and middleware for financial services, media, and government clients in New York and the Bay Area. He has been an Agile/XP coach, a technology advocate, and an instructor on the Grails platform.

Larry Schiefer

| C++ | C | Linux | Android |

Larry has spent over 16 years leading teams, designing and developing software and embedded systems for multiple markets. His ability to understand complete systems and the software stack has lead to high quality and high performance designs. In addition to developing device drivers, platform software and applications, Larry has developed and presented training for internal teams, end customers and technical conferences on highly technical content. Larry is currently the CTO and co-founder of HiQES, a engineering services company.

Five years ago, Larry was tasked with leading a new team to do Android platform software development, so he has experience diving headlong into new technology. Larry spearheaded internal ramp-up of developers, developing Android kernel drivers and middleware, and native code starting with the first public releases of Android. In fact, Larry was developing native C/C++ services and apps for Android before the first release of the Android NDK! Since that time, Larry has been the lead developer on three different new Android platforms, multiple Android platform extensions and applications.

Kyle Simpson

| JavaScript | HTML5 |

Kyle Simpson is a JavaScript Systems Architect and a web performance evangelist from Austin, TX. He focuses on JavaScript, HTML5, web performance optimization, and "middle-end" application architecture. If something can't be done in JavaScript or web stack technology, he's probably bored by it. Kyle has developed software and tools at companies like Mozilla and Zynga, and also runs several open-source projects, writes books, and speaks at meetups and tech conferences. Kyle is the author of O'Reilly's HTML5 Cookbook, one of the more popular HTML5 books currently on the market, and also drives the local startup/enterpreneurial community through events, co-working activities, etc.

Dave Smith

| Java | C | iOS | Android |

Dave Smith has spent the last decade working as an engineer and software developer in the embedded and mobile space from his hometown of Denver, CO.  He is a lead team member at Double Encore, developing custom solutions.
Since 2009, Dave has worked as a consultant developing software at all levels of the Android platform; from writing user applications using the SDK to building and customizing the Android source code for embedded devices. Prior to that, he was an embedded applications developer and hardware systems integrator for the M2M industry, working mostly with 8 and 16-bit microprocessors. His favorite mobile projects are those that integrate custom accessory hardware with consumer devices or involve building Android for embedded platforms. Today he specializes primarily in integrating custom device interfaces, such as USB and UART, with application layer services on embedded Android hardware.
Dave is also passionate about providing resources for developers that they can make use of long term.  He frequently shares ideas via his development blog and Twitter (@devunwired).  He is the lead author of the popular Android book Android Recipes: A Problem Solution Approach published by Apress; a cookbook style text dedicated to getting Android developers up and running quickly by providing real-world useful examples of how to use the Android SDK and NDK to build applications quickly and well.  Dave is a regular speaker at Android conferences, such as AnDevCon, where he usually speaks on topics related to hardware integration. He also often writes guest columns for the software development magazine SD Times, where he shares thoughts and opinions on mobile development.  
Dave received his degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Colorado School of Mines, and is a licensed Professional Engineer.

Ralph Tavarez

| Java | Python | C++ | Ruby | JavaScript | C# | iOS | MySQL | Oracle DB | Sybase | SQL | Groovy and Grails | Android | SQLite | MongoDB |

With over 20 years of experience in the tech industry, Ralph Tavarez has worked with big companies like Texaco, Morgan Stanley, Viacom, and the global cell phone distributor Brightstar. He has prior experience with startups as the CTO of the US division of Submarino.com, the Amazon of Brazil.

Ralph has focused primarily on mobile development, since the launch of the iPhone, and has real work experience with successful apps such as the Android port of Control4, a home automation product available at Best Buy.

As an instructor, Ralph brings current real-world experience to mobile development and practical solutions to common mobile development challenges.

Dan Wahlin

| JavaScript | CSS | C# | .Net | HTML5 | jQuery | Node.js | AngularJS |

Dan Wahlin has been working in the technology industry for over 15 years developing Web, desktop, and mobile applications. He spends the majority of his time working with various server-side and client-side Web technologies, frameworks, and enjoys teaching developers about new and emerging technologies.
In addition to speaking at various conferences, user groups, and meet ups around the world, Dan has written hundreds of technical articles and published several books including his latest, JavaScript Patterns JumpStart Guide. He runs several FlipBoard magazines covering AngularJS, HTML5/JavaScript/CSS, and authors the Web Weekly newsletter and video highlights. Dan is well-known in the community as the creator of the popular AngularJS Fundamentals In 60-ish Minutes video on YouTube.
When not geeking out with technology, Dan enjoys playing basketball, golf, and jet skiing with his wife and kids. Keep in touch with Dan on Twitter.

Gil Zhaiek

| Android |

Gil Zhaiek joined the NewCircle team from Vancouver, Canada and provides his expertise in the Android framework and the Linux kernel. He has 13 years of software and hardware experience that is critical for the field of board bring-ups. He started as a C++ coder of an online financial calculator, switched to FPGA and digital board design for a couple of years, and later integrated his knowledge in designing C++ Testbenches as a consultant to various hardware teams in more than 20 companies.

Having experience in nearly all the hardware and software components, he was able to transition smoothly to Real Time OS with Embedded Linux where he wrote drivers and was able to debug the hardware independently. A few years ago, Gil and his wife moved to Vancouver where he joined Recon Instruments as the Senior Embedded Android Engineer and later the Embedded Software Manager responsible for board bring-ups and Android framework customization.

Some of Gil's notable products he worked on include the MOD Live which was the first Ski Smart Head-Mounted-Display and the Recon Jet - a light sports HMD.

Gil earned his B.Sc in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Arizona. He also holds an MBA from Heriot-Watt University.