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Ken is highly knowledgeable in the subject area and gave very concise explanations. His teaching style kept me engaged and gave me all the tools I'll need to continue learning android development. I also picked up a ton of best practices. Overall I found the course to be exactly what I needed!

Android Bootcamp

I read the comments online before booking the class for our company and based on that decided to get the course taught onsite. I was hoping that the course would live up to the comments...and it did. Marko has in depth knowledge on the subject matter and paced the class based on the experience level of the attendees. He customized the course by developing a project that is relevant to our industry. At first I was skeptical about dedicating a week for training with the time crunch that we have on our project but I estimate that the Android Bootcamp course saved us between 3 to 5 weeks of "trial and error" development. The class exceeded my expectations.

Dinu - Visteon

Android Bootcamp

The instructor was kind and concerned with motivating the class. He demonstrated very good knowledge of the topics and kept a good pace in the course, giving theory and practice in a well balanced manner.

Fábio - Venturus

Android Bootcamp

The instructor and materials were excellent.

Dereck - Computer Sciences Corporation

Advanced Java

I think this course was very well structured. I really like how the major building blocks were taught through an exercise. Excellent!!!

Marck - Department of Defense

Android Bootcamp

This was one of the best trainings I have ever done. Doug was beyond knowledgeable and engaged. I greatly enjoyed the discussion and I feel that for the team overall this was a great experience.

Matt - Symantec Corporation

Advanced Hibernate™

Modern style of learning. Liked the monitors that we can see at the same time.

Michael - Interwoven

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

Great class and very knowledgeable instructor.

Nick - Salesforce.com

Old HTML5 Fast Track

I wish the course could be longer than five days.

Minh - Xerox

Java Bootcamp

On a practical level, it solidified a lot of floating ideas in my head into a system of parts that fit together. His presentation of the process and how the application components reside in the process was very helpful. I feel confident that I can now makes applications that are robust and long-running.

Dwayne - Indesign, LLC

Android Platform

Instructor did a great job. He demonstrated a great understanding and currency of knowledge on the topics presented.

Randy - USAA

Old HTML5 Fast Track

I really enjoyed the class and my labs. My class was well rehearsed, prepared and fun. Thanks so much Brian.

Mo - Qualcomm, Inc.

2.5 Day Custom Python Training

This course introduced me to Java web development. Aleksander demonstrated solid understanding of the topic. I would definitely recommend the course to my friends and colleagues.

Java Web Development with Spring and Hibernate

Very nice, thanks for teacher's hard work!

FAN - Newegg Inc.

Apache Tomcat Administration

Marko is an exceptional trainer, as he is able to keep the novice on track without losing the interest of the more experienced members of the group. He takes his coaching and training duties very seriously. I enjoyed the class very much and I learned a lot. Marko was able to keep the interest of the group focused with interactive exercises. His in-depth knowledge of Android, Java, and Eclipse, on both MS Windows and Apple MAC are invaluable. I now feel comfortable I can implement my newly acquired knowledge to develop useful Android applications. This 5-day Boot-camp training is a worthwhile training. I highly recommend it.

Android Bootcamp

I found the material very interesting and helpful. I learned a lot from the course. Thanks,

Wayne - Qualcomm, Inc.

Advanced Android

good course

Anthony - CIT Solutions

Old HTML5 Bootcamp

I enjoyed the complete experience... I highly recommend the instructor and the course.

David - DIMG

Flex Rich Client

The course content was very useful. The material was very well structured and presentation was excellent. The instructor was very knowledgeable. Overall, this is probably the best course I have taken.

Ahmed - Research in Motion

Apache Tomcat Administration

VERY impressed. I SO needed this course and feel that I got a great deal out of it. Thank you so much!

Broc - CFCU

Java Web Development with Spring and Hibernate

Excellent class, instructor had a high degree of expertise in Android and SW engineering best practices. the class was flexible to tailor to my project and interest area.

Shadi - Visteon

Android Bootcamp

Great overall course for Android development. Not going to make me an expert overnight, but definitely pointed me in the right direction to get up and running. Great Job Ken! You know your stuff.

Spencer - Student

Android Bootcamp

Very good balance of Android basics and security topics. As someone knowing little about either coming in, I learned a lot.

Andy - Department of Defense

Android Security Architecture

SF HTML5 Bootcamp is a great course that gets you up-and-running with HTML5. The instructor really knows his stuff and takes the time to explain some of the tougher-to-understand concepts. You'll learn a ton from the easy-to-digest course and hands-on labs. You'll not only enjoy the course; you'll get excited about building cool HTML5 web apps.

Vanessa - Kaazing Corporation

Old HTML5 Bootcamp

Excellent course. Sasa is an outstanding instructor. Extremely knowledgable and an excellent teacher.

Scott - DISA DECC Mechanicsburg

Apache and Tomcat

First of all, I thought Sasa did an excellent job. He provided enough technical detail to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. I really enjoyed the way he was able to cover a topic in detail but at the same time provide a high level overview. Finally, I would highly recommend the instructor and the course for Java programmers who are serious about learning the internals not just superficially but really in depth! Great job! Please keep up the great work.

JBoss™ Administration

The instructor Marko demonstrated expertise in the Android platform. He was a joy to learn from and I look forward to utilizing his new book which he generously provided to us. Thanks Marko!

Kaleigh - MPAA

Android™ Overview

Overall, very, very good class. It was extremely helpful. Marko is an outstanding insructor. Andriod Bootcamp exceeded my expectations in terms of the depth of content and coverage of a wide variety of topics. The instructor was very knowledgeable and provide many hands-on exercises which helped me get from zero to productive development in one week!

Tony - Happy State Bank

Android Bootcamp

Sasa is a terrific instructor. the Course outline is very nice. The best training class I ever attended. Sasa was able to answer all questions, very clear mind and clear answers. All topics are covered in detail. Great job.

Jing - Agilent technologies

JBoss™ Administration

Excellent knowledgeable instructor. I am interested in working with the instructor. He is a wealth of information.

William - Panasonic Solutions Company

Android™ for Sales Engineers

The class was great! Jens really knew what he was talking about and presented it in a way that really made sense.

Brian - Centershift


I am now three steps further ahead on HTML5 and ready to ramp up my skills.

E Fitz - E Fitz Smith

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Cannot think of a bad thing to say about the instructor, the presentation or the material. The instructor was extremely well-prepared and always professional while remaining friendly and accessible. His knowledge was outstanding, allowing him to troubleshoot or walk us through new material on the fly. The prepared material was nearly ideal to cover the range of topics, presented in an order that kept the course both understandable and challenging.

Dainen - Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Android Bootcamp

Marko was stellar and his knowledge is par excellence! A great training session, with invaluable benefit from this in-depth discussion of Android!

KIM - Sprint

Android™ for Sales Engineers

... Great overall course / instructor.

John - Scripps Networks

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Sasa was great! Outstanding instructor...really knows is craft.

Scott - DISA DECC Mechanicsburg

Apache Web Server

It was very helpful for the instructor to check with the group about the pace of the class and slow down to review and fully explain concepts covered. I learned looots. Learning about eclipse was unexpected but I am so glad we did. I did not know we could do so much with the tool and have already installed it on my system. Also enjoyed when the instructor explained concepts on the board and where easy to understand.

Monica - Xerox

Java Bootcamp

Great class - love it!

Java Testing with JUnit

Nice class...and try a different and simpler training web application to develop and built into a more web complex application. Nice very nice!

Java Web Development with Spring and Hibernate

This was one of the best training courses specific to my job at Sprint. All aspects of the course will help me better position Android devices with my customers.

Jay - Sprint

Android™ for Sales Engineers

Instructor is excellent...

Mike - Prescription

Apache Tomcat Administration

I don't have a lot of suggestions for improvement - this class was incredibly beneficial to me.

Zach - Oregon State University

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

It was nice to have an instructor with real world experiences of the materials being taught!

Daniel - Department of Defense

Android Bootcamp

I went in with some experience with jQuery, but most of my understanding hodge-podge and rough around the edges. This course helped me to cement the foundations and taught me stuff I didn't know I didn't know.

Shamyl - APCO Worldwide


Really appreciate the teachers staying after class to help me with problems I was having with my lab exercise.

Debbie - Cisco

JavaEE Bootcamp

Neven and Doug are great instructors: knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. They catered the class to our needs and went the extra mile by staying after class to to discuss web technology that could benefit our product development.

Khiem - Cisco

JavaEE Bootcamp

Very thorough knowledge of Android. Excellent training.

Joe - The Nielsen Company

Android Bootcamp

This was a great overview course. I wish it was longer, but look forward to future offerings that take a more in depth look at developing for Android.

Carl - Cisco

Android™ Overview

Instructor is very knowledgable and has taken pains to introduce the topics at the perfect complexity at perfect pace. The pace of topics increased in about the 4th session and by that time I was able to grapple around the syntax. Very useful to have experienced guide. Independent research would defintely have taken me a month to get all the relevant information.

Pavan - Qualcomm

2.5 Day Custom Python Training

Sasa took time out to help me address some issues that we have been having on a new Tomcat implementation, so major Kudos to Sasa

David - Home

Apache Tomcat Administration

Thanks for providing real work examples in the course materials this course really helps me in everyday, AJAX, Jquery coding tasks.

Yukari - Adobe Systems, Inc.

JavaScript, AJAX, and Frameworks

The training met and exceeded my expectations...

Google Maps API

The instructor is incredibly knowledgeable on the topics and can speak to the real issues that real developers are facing. I highly recommend this course and this instructor to any company looking at the future of their web development. We frequently said "well THAT tip was worth the course right there." Thanks!

Lori - Bechtel

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Loved the fact that the instructor was able to teach the information and catch up with the slides after the fact instead of just reading directly from the slides in the book. Plus, the real-life examples were extremely helpful in understanding the material better.

Tim - SkillSoft

Apache Tomcat Administration

Simeon is a great instructor, he really knows Python, and can explain complex topics so even those new to Python can grasp them.

Tim - Morphodetection.com


Enjoyed the cousre. Thanks for coming out...

Robert - InterDigital

Android Bootcamp

I was impressed by Ken's deep knowledge of the Android API's and core functionality. He is clearly familiar with many aspects of the device. Ken was easy to understand and follow throughout the training. I have programmed Android for several months and Ken was able to help bring clarity to the work that I have already done. Thanks!

Nathan - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Android Bootcamp

Neven was a great instructor and I really enjoyed the systematic approach to teaching about the different components of jboss. Overall the course was very informative. I feel very comfortable going back to work with the knowledge i have gained about Jboss. I still have more to learn, but i feel this was an excellent start , and gave me the knowledge i need to find my own answers to more difficult issues within administering Jboss in the future.

Ryan - APC by Schneider Electric

JBoss™ Administration

Very useful class. Knowledgeable instructor, helpful, good with questions.

Bo - Cisco

Android™ Overview

Sasa was an excellent instructor and very patient with our many work related interruptions!

Brett - SkillSoft

Apache Tomcat Administration

Enjoyed the class. The instructor broke down the material into very understandable form.

Reynaldo - Idea Integration


Great class and awesome instructor. Had an amazing time learning Android development from Marko

David - Cisco

Android Bootcamp

Awesome Class would definitely attend another!

Edward - Razorstream, LLC

JBoss™ Administration

Well done, informative well organized material.

Matthew - Sprint

Android™ for Sales Engineers

Great class. I regret not taking the full week class.

Paul - DoD

Advanced Android

Excellent instructor.

Jason - Walt Disney Internet Group

JBoss™ Administration

Adam was very knowledgeable of the subject material and a pleasure to deal with.

Raine - Groundspeak Inc.

Java Bootcamp

Aaron was very patient and ready to help as well as He was professional. His knowledge of the subject was superb, and kept the student interested.

Randy - Pacific Gas and Electric Co.


Brandon was great.

Greg - Yellowpages.com

Rails Administration

... The teacher was very knowledgable, and professional.

Joshua - Apple

Advanced Java

The instructor is awesome, and very humorous :) I like this training

Edwin - Newegg Inc.

Apache Tomcat Administration

Marko is a great teacher and explains how things work well. I learned a lot during the class. It really worth the trip from Taipei to San Francisco.

Patrick - MediaTek Inc.

Android Bootcamp

This class changed my life. I will never be the same again.

Anthony - Pearson

Apache Web Server

Very well structured and very comprehensive.

Angel - CalPERS

Apache Web Server

The instructor did an excellent job separating the hype behind HTML5 from practical application we can implement this week. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how we can move forward into HTML5 while implementing fallback into everything we do for the older browsers.

Douglas - Bechtel National, Inc.

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Excellent class, it provides a very complete overview of the capabilities of HTML5.

Ed - Qualcomm, Inc.

HTML5 Overview

Great class. I've learned a lot about the subject matter and would love to take another one in the near future. Thanks Sasa!

Roberto - Fresenius Medical Care

Java Web Development with Spring and Hibernate

the training sessions were great.. a lot of material was covered and the pace was perfect. I would really consider taking more seminars which cover different material in the future. Hopefully Miami will be a location where seminars are given. Excellent job!

Carolina - Sapient

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Wolf is a very talented person; not just a trainer, but you can also tell he is practicing what he is teaching. Excellent.

Frank - MacArthur Foundation

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

This course was great! Marko was professional and at the same time created an easygoing learning environment. The small class size allowed for easy interaction with the instructor. I definitely feel like I can tackle my own android apps now.

David - Texas A&M University

Android Bootcamp

Well done!

Steven - Qualcomm, Inc.

Android™ App Development

Jeff Sutherland and Bas Vodde bring their experiences and stories from years of Scrum Training & Consulting around the world to this course. As they intersperse these stories with the teaching, the Agile and Scrum topics come alive.


Quite a lot gets covered in 2 days. Will give any one a quick start. Thank you, enjoyed it.

Nanda - Dreamer Corporation

Android Internals

Thank you so much pretty nice training.

Kei - Qualcomm, Inc.

Android Internals

This course gave me a very clear understanding about setting up Tomcat, deploying applications and setting the security. I learnt the JDBC aspect of the Tomcat and I really benefitted from this training as a developer


Apache Tomcat Administration

I really enjoy the course. The instructor is excellent. The class is fun and way exceed my expectation. I learn a lot about Apache and Tomcat.

Stephanie - DLA Transaction Services

Apache and Tomcat

I was very pleased with the quality of the material, the training facility itself and the instructor. The facility is comfortable and provides an environment that is conducive for learning. Brandon is excellent. If I didn't quite grasp something, he pulled up a chair and we went over it together. He's a wonderful instructor that take a keen interest in ensuring you understand the material.

Scott - Dutchland, Inc.

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

Look forward to your Android Native Development courses.

Clark - Cloakware

Android in Ottawa

Jens Østergaard is an excellent Scrum Trainer, and he knows how to convey Scrum to the class.


Objective reached and very satisfied with the delivery of information. Instructor very knowledgable on subject matter. Enjoyed the class...Thanks for the training.....

Joe - PSC

Android™ for Sales Engineers

Students' questions were answered and other details during breaks were shared to the class right after the break. The instructor is knowledgeable in various tools (Ruby, etc.) covered in class.

Noreen - General Dynamics


I really liked the whiteboard explanations and the passion of the instructor when he explained how the JavaScript works inside.

Cristina - Salesforce.com


This class has been such a great learning experience. Mark is so knowledgeable about Android and was a great teacher!

Katherine - Blackbird Technologies Incorporated

Android Bootcamp

Excellent training. Just the right amount of depth.

Steven - USAA

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Great course! Great instructor! Always a pleasure to learn from someone who uses Rails on a daily basis and is familiar with the development process and the community.

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

Excellent Format of Training... Excellent trainer... Its nice learning from somebody that actually uses the software, not just read it from a book... Thank You

Brian - UC Davis

Apache Web Server

fast pace, compressed learning.

Bastiaan - Intel Corporation

Android Internals

It gave a very good overall knowledge and Labs for HTML5.

Pallavi - Network Solutions, LLC

Old HTML5 Fast Track

One of the best training classes I ever took!!!

Verrol - Cisco

Android Bootcamp

Although a lot of the course material was refresher for me, I still think it was beneficial. Emil was great. I'd definitely recommend this class to somebody who was just getting started with Resin.

Jamie - MLT Inc

Resin Admin