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This course gives a very effective introduction to the Android Architecture and fundamental development concepts and building blocks. Coming out of the class I feel confident to dig further in the Android world by myself. The instructor kept the class well paced and super engaged by iteratively going through the key points and providing hands-on examples and demos on resolutions to students' questions.

Xin - PayPal

Android Essentials

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the course. I would like to certainly consider doing advanced Android training course.

Satya - N/A

Android Bootcamp

This course was great. Ken was excellent. As someone without a developer background it was a bit difficult for me to keep up with the concepts at times, despite taking a Java for Android preparatory class beforehand. However, I feel well prepared to continue to learning Android and the Java development language. Thanks!

Justin - Cisco

Android Bootcamp

Great class - love it!

Java Testing with JUnit

Exposed a lot of under-the-hood settings and how they are configured and implemented both for Apache and Tomcat...this has allowed me to walk through a lot of real-world testing scenarios. Very productive sessions, thank you.

Rommel - OpenText

Apache and Tomcat - OpenText

Course was very informative and helped a lot in creating a base for my future python programming.

Ellis - Salesforce.com

Python Fundamentals

Enjoyed the course greatly. Received some new thoughts on what I can do to better implement Tomcat.

Apache Tomcat Administration

I learned a lot during these three days of training. Thank you so much!! Aleksandar had solid understanding of Java and really knew the stuff inside out.

Atul - Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

Advanced Java

Excellent class. I learned more in 5 days than I did in a semester long undergraduate mobile development class.

Chris - Department of Defense

Android Platform

Slides were detailed and covered everything, we were provided solutions to each lab so we don't get stuck, the instructor was very knowledgable. Overall, this course is significantly better done than typical courses.

David - Intel Corporation

Android Internals

I very much enjoyed this training. You explain the moving pieces very well, and though there is a lot of new stuff I was able to absorb as much as I possibly can. The step-by-step material is very clear in the presentation slides, and the explanation given during class about the step-by-step step helps reinforce understanding.

Danny - Comcast

Spring and Hibernate Bootcamp

Great course. It gave me the necessary background and foundation that I needed to use apache the way I need it.


Apache Web Server

The instructor had great energy, and really knew the material!

Michael - Time Warner Cable

Fast Track to Java 8

Very Good Class. Instructor is very knowledgeable and able to explain in detail.

Shunmuga - Intel Corporation

Java Bootcamp

No improvements. I am a newbie to Ruby and have struggled with learning it on my own. By attending the class, Ruby finally makes sense to me. It was presented in a clear and well structured manner. Thank you!


Great class and awesome instructor. Had an amazing time learning Android development from Marko

David - Cisco

Android Bootcamp

Fantastic course! Sasa knows so much that we need more than five days to cover the material for the class.

Tony - Department of Defense

Android Platform

James is the most fitting instructor we've ever had ^_^

Robert - Newegg Inc.

HTML5 Bootcamp

He was very entertaining and knowledgeable.

Jerry - Qualcomm, Inc.

HTML5 Overview

Well done, informative well organized material.

Matthew - Sprint

Android™ for Sales Engineers

Brian did a very good job of balancing the coursework based upon our various knowledge levels of angularJS. I have been using angular for well over a year, but I still learned a lot from Brian.

Joel - PICS

Core AngularJS

I think Marko is a skilled trainer, excellent class driving with excellent background, Marko rocks!

Alfredo - TI

Android Internals

This was an excellent introduction to HTML5, giving a great view of not only why you would want to use it, but also the many different technologies which support and underpin it. Just the right amount of detail for a half day.

Alastair - Cisco

HTML5 Overview

The labs really worked! I learnt a lot by doing them and now have the confidence to continue learning on my own. So thanks for getting us started on this journey.

Harish - Intel Corporation

HTML5 Bootcamp

It gave a very good overall knowledge and Labs for HTML5.

Pallavi - Network Solutions, LLC

Old HTML5 Fast Track

I enjoyed the complete experience... I highly recommend the instructor and the course.

David - DIMG

Flex Rich Client

Excellent instructor. Knowledge of the subject is clearly extensive. Very good course material, I will definitely keep it for reference. Appreciated the tailoring of the material to our needs.

Ranjan - Intel Corporation

Android Internals

Great pace, great content, great instructor. You have enough knowledge to go further explore with a good understanding.

Bibi - Google Inc

Apache Web Server

I read the comments online before booking the class for our company and based on that decided to get the course taught onsite. I was hoping that the course would live up to the comments...and it did. Marko has in depth knowledge on the subject matter and paced the class based on the experience level of the attendees. He customized the course by developing a project that is relevant to our industry. At first I was skeptical about dedicating a week for training with the time crunch that we have on our project but I estimate that the Android Bootcamp course saved us between 3 to 5 weeks of "trial and error" development. The class exceeded my expectations.

Dinu - Visteon

Android Bootcamp

The course is just right in terms of pacing and coverage for me. Will look forward to an advanced course with projects.

James - Salesforce.com

Python Fundamentals

One of the best corporate training classes I've had. Terrific instructor!

Dan - Autodesk

Spring and Hibernate Bootcamp

Aleksander is a great instructor!!!!!

Richard - Northrop Grumman

Apache Tomcat Administration

Great training and instructor. Very detailed class material.

Yaru - Newegg Inc.

AngularJS End-to-End SPA Development

Great class, custom tailored, interactive, perfect mix of content! Great instructor!

Naren - Salesforce.com


All great!!! You ROCK!!!

Ricardo - Samtec


Thanks Marko....this was great!

Joyce - UC Davis

Java™ for Managers

Thanks for providing real work examples in the course materials this course really helps me in everyday, AJAX, Jquery coding tasks.

Yukari - Adobe Systems, Inc.

JavaScript, AJAX, and Frameworks

Justin has a natural way to make what could be a very boring class engaging. His expertise of the topic is very clear, no question was to small or to complex for him. He was happy to help everyone.

Philip - Intel Corporation

Android Internals

Excellent trainer. Excellent material. Doug has amazing grasp on the subject and there wasnt a question that he couldnt answer. Would love to see a homogenous group of trainees so that we dont have to go over basics in an advanced class.

Yateesh - Salesforce.com

Advanced Java

The trainer was very knowledgeable. The course was a good blend of what android platform is and how to do the basic programming on it.

Jasmeet - Cisco

Android Overview

Great & dedicated teacher - use every single second wisely.

Nooshin - Intel Corporation

Java Bootcamp

The class material was detailed and the instructor very informed. Answered all our questions quoting relevant examples to better our understanding of various concepts of Android internals.

Shalini - Intel Corporation

Android Internals

Thank you so much pretty nice training.

Kei - Qualcomm, Inc.

Android Internals

Objective reached and very satisfied with the delivery of information. Instructor very knowledgable on subject matter. Enjoyed the class...Thanks for the training.....

Joe - PSC

Android™ for Sales Engineers

Instructor is excellent...

Mike - Prescription

Apache Tomcat Administration

Lively class, interactive, and all the best you can get from an instructor-led training, you got it here.

Ooi Ewe - Salesforce.com

Python Fundamentals

The instructor was great. He provided a lot of details on extra questions about deep internals of Android OS.

Alexey - Intel Corporation

Android Internals

Neven did an excellent job!

Steve - Pearson

Apache Tomcat Administration

Larry was very knowledgable, with a deep understanding of systems in general. This is very important when instructing students with a wide range of backgrounds. I would recommend this instructor 100%. Todd Fulton

Todd - PayPal

Android Essentials

I thought Sasa was very good; very technical and knows the subject very well.

Renato - Metro Vancouver

Android Bootcamp

Greg is an excellent instructor and is quite entertaining/engaging. He really knows his subject matter.

Noel - Salesforce.com

Python Fundamentals

Aaron is an outstanding instructor. He's knowledgeable plus patient. He takes the time to explain concepts and provide true working examples. This was an excellent course.

Alexander - Salesforce.com

Python Fundamentals

Sasa is very good at explaining Android topics and gave us an excellent overview in a short time frame.

David - Vulnerability Research Labs

Android Internals

Most excellent course!

Marlyn - SIDC/Innovation Directorate

Android Bootcamp

I think everything was perfect and, as I said, I enjoyed the class a lot, and would definitely recommend the training to friends should they ask me for recommendations.

Julia - Symantec Corporation

Python Fundamentals

Sasa is a well informed instructor with the ideal set on figuring out things for yourself and if you really get stuck he can easily help you out in more detail.

David - Agriculture Financial Services Corporation

Apache Tomcat Administration

I am now three steps further ahead on HTML5 and ready to ramp up my skills.

E Fitz - E Fitz Smith

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Sasa is a terrific instructor. the Course outline is very nice. The best training class I ever attended. Sasa was able to answer all questions, very clear mind and clear answers. All topics are covered in detail. Great job.

Jing - Agilent technologies

JBoss™ Administration

It was good overall and did demystify a good number of fuzzy areas for me. Very organized which is appreciated and the sample code was useful. Thanks!

Chris - Apple, Inc.


The attendees came into the class with very mixed expectations about the scope, but Ken did a good job of trying to address both beginner and advanced topics in a limited amount of time. Was very impressed at his willingness to put in extra work and adapt the course to our needs on the fly!

Andrew - Cisco

Android™ App Development

Sasa took time out to help me address some issues that we have been having on a new Tomcat implementation, so major Kudos to Sasa

David - Home

Apache Tomcat Administration

This course was very informative. It took 1 project and incorporated the main parts of Android and the instructor made it easy to understand. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Android development. Its better than reading books!!

Android Bootcamp

Look forward to your Android Native Development courses.

Clark - Cloakware

Android in Ottawa

This class was excellent! Sasa is a great instructor with a good understanding of theory, but also a top notch developer very familiar with the low-level details -- super impressive. This class exceeded my expectations. I learned so much. Thank you. :-)

Android Bootcamp

The instructor is very knowledgeable and had lot of patience to listen and address students' questions. The class material is comprehensive for this 5 day class covering all the fundamentals

Bhaskar - Intel Corporation

Java Bootcamp

Very knowledgeable and friendly instructor...

Bryan - SonyEricsson

Android in Raleigh

Great Course!...the Instructor Ken is so much prepared, kind, polite, always available to answer to all questions...and he is a GREAT person!

Emiliano - Telecom Italia

Android Bootcamp

This course gave me a very clear understanding about setting up Tomcat, deploying applications and setting the security. I learnt the JDBC aspect of the Tomcat and I really benefitted from this training as a developer


Apache Tomcat Administration

The instructor seemed very knowledgeable and fun.

Sarada - Symantec Corporation

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Enjoyed this class! I was definitely a beginner with HTML but after taking this course I learned so much and feel excited about going forth and using the learnings!! Thanks Rick!!

Virginia - Intel Corporation

HTML5 Bootcamp

Ken probably saved me hours of debugging by explaining a lot of undocumented Android sdk details.

Diana - Intel Corporation

Android Bootcamp

Neven is a great instructor, full of knowledge, very friendly. I have learned a lot from him. Give him a raise! Excellent course. Recommend taking it.

Francesco - Buffalo State College Computing Services

Apache and Tomcat

I came into this class with no knowledge & my expectations for myself were *very low*... However I am walking away with a lot more than I bargained for... I actually know something & will hopefully be able to apply it, even if it is just understanding the stack traces better & help writing up better bug reports. I definitely am glad I attended this class & will recommend it to my peers. Ken was both a dynamic & creative instructor & never lost site of the fact that we are people & could only take so much information at one time!! His training was wonderful & his humor helped us all get through 5 full days, that could have been painful if not done well.

Heather - EMC

Java Bootcamp

The training is very well organized and delivered. Rob Zuber did the excellent job. Many thanks!

David - Symantec Corporation

Python Fundamentals

First of all, I thought Sasa did an excellent job. He provided enough technical detail to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. I really enjoyed the way he was able to cover a topic in detail but at the same time provide a high level overview. Finally, I would highly recommend the instructor and the course for Java programmers who are serious about learning the internals not just superficially but really in depth! Great job! Please keep up the great work.

JBoss™ Administration

The class has inspired me to continue to learn more about Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Maureen - Stanford University


Good material.

Henry - SLA-HB

Android Internals

Not sure what to expect from the training but was very surprised by how well it was set up. Exactly what I needed. I am ready to work on my first Android app.

Thomas - AgentSolid

Android Bootcamp

Excellent eye opening info that I cannot wait to use for my work.

Sadayo - Intel Corporation

HTML5 Bootcamp

Good class, really knowledgeable instructor. I like it, keep it the way it is....

Deepak - Salesforce.com


As with the JavaScript Basics class, Adam is an exceptional instructor. Knowledgable, great instructional skills, and deep expertise that let him modify his approach to teaching in response to questions, quizzical looks, or dead silence.

Michael - Salesforce.com

Advanced Javascript

Adam was a great instructor for our Javascript class. I especially appreciated how we gave us concentrated information, spoke clearly, and paced the class in a way that made all the details easier to digest. He was also really friendly and took the time to answer questions, which made class more engaging. Thanks Adam!

Chelsea - Salesforce.com


Daniel was very accommodating and great about touching more advanced topics on latest plugins and tools.

Simona - JGI

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

The class was very engaging, interactive & hands-on. The instructor was very knowledgeable & friendly.

Visala - Time Warner Cable

Fast Track to Java 8

Very good class. The instructor was very well informed.

Steven - Network Solutions

Old HTML5 Fast Track


Roald - Advance Internet, Inc.

Java Bootcamp

Overall, great content.

John - The Satellite Inc

Old HTML5 Fast Track

The course was unbelievable and the instructor really knew the information. I was amazed how quickly the instructor was able to figure out student problems and answer/address any problems or concerns presented. I learned so much from the course.

Michael (Mike) - Peerless Technologies Corporation

Java Web Development with Spring and Hibernate

Nice class...and try a different and simpler training web application to develop and built into a more web complex application. Nice very nice!

Java Web Development with Spring and Hibernate

Marko is very knowledgeable and explains the entire Android System clearly and effectively. The training is going to help us tremendously!

Joshua - The IMS Company

Android Internals

Excellent class. Ralph has enormous patience and did a great job at answering many a questions from simple to complicated ones! Enjoyed the class and would recommend to anyone!

Kittur - Intel Corporation

Custom 3-Day Android Training

Very knowledgeable instructor

Chidi - Hotels.com

Apache Tomcat Administration

This is a great class that moved at an excellent pace. I'm going to make my friends totally jealous when I show them what I have learned.

Joaquin - USAA

Objective-C and iOS Bootcamp

The class was great! Jens really knew what he was talking about and presented it in a way that really made sense.

Brian - Centershift


I really enjoyed the class. I am a beginner, but I think I got a really good grasp of what HTML5 can do.

Patricia - Business Development

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Great course - I'm new at programming in general so it was pretty intense for me. But I learned a lot and am excited in using what I've learned!

Michael - Nielsen Company

Android Bootcamp

Overall, this course was very well put together. The instructor was very knowledgeable. In a week I have a better understanding of Android than what I've been attempting to do in my free time for the past 6 months. I have also learned several tricks and best practice techniques that I would never have picked up learning on my own.

Adam - Department of Defense

Android Platform

I found the material very interesting and helpful. I learned a lot from the course. Thanks,

Wayne - Qualcomm, Inc.

Advanced Android

Being a novice HTML person, I was able to follow and learn the training. Peter was an excellent trainer.

Daren - SapientNitro

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Great Job Peter

Umit - Salesforce.com

Old HTML5 Fast Track