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Over the past decade, we have trained thousands of world-class IT professionals who are changing the face of the global Internet economy. Here is what some of them had to say:

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Excellent Course! Excellent Teacher!

John - Blackbird Technologies

Android Bootcamp

Thanks for providing real work examples in the course materials this course really helps me in everyday, AJAX, Jquery coding tasks.

Yukari - Adobe Systems, Inc.

JavaScript, AJAX, and Frameworks

Wolf is a very capable instructor who really knows the material well. He took the time to understand our needs both as an organization and as individuals, and adjusted the course content appropriately. He was able to coach some of our novice team members through the basics while still covering more advanced topics for those of us who already have TDD experience. My only disappointment is that we didn't have more time to cover writing user stories.

Maeve - G5 Search Marketing

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

Great pace, great content, great instructor. You have enough knowledge to go further explore with a good understanding.

Bibi - Google Inc

Apache Web Server

Can we hire Wolf? :)

Dan - MacArthur Foundation

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

The instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all questions that came up. He clearly has extensive knowledge in this domain area.

Required - Salesforce.com

Advanced Java

I enjoyed the class very much and the materials covered and lab portion of the class well demonstrated applications of HTML5 to website development.

Min - Vibrant Media

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Great job! Hard to think of anything to improve. Marko did a fabulous job! This course saved weeks (or more) of development time! This course material was very up to date and relevant to our needs. The instructor (Marko) was extremely knowledgeable and was able to address every concern without hesitation. Best class I ever attended!

Walt - Visteon

Android Bootcamp

I really appreciated the instructor's combination of patience and expertise in teaching this HTML5 Fastrack class. I am just getting started in Web programming and was surprised how quickly I was creating cool applications. The class was well organized with hands on coding alternating with new lessons. Peter was perceptive and patient enough that I felt like I was keeping pace despite my lack of experience.

George - IEEE

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Great class -useful hands on experience and real time stuff. Right on time for our project as well !Thanks .

Usha - Qualcomm, Inc.

Android Bootcamp

Great Course! I learrned alot!

Troy - Sprint Business

Android™ for Sales Engineers

Ken Jones is an excellent presenter who presents technical topics in a way that keeps your interest. He also did a great job fully-explaining concepts.

Kirk - Boston Scientific Corp.

Android Platform

The level of material was perfect for me. Coming from an iOS world, the course delivered exactly what I needed to make the transition of concepts I know in one world (iOS) to the Android world. Awesome class! Instructor's knowledge is top notch and teaching abilities are great.

Brian - Nielsen Media Research

Android Bootcamp

good course

Jimmy - Sapient

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Adam was very knowledgeable of the subject material and a pleasure to deal with.

Raine - Groundspeak Inc.

Java Bootcamp

Jeff Sutherland and Bas Vodde bring their experiences and stories from years of Scrum Training & Consulting around the world to this course. As they intersperse these stories with the teaching, the Agile and Scrum topics come alive.


Very informative and excellent lab exercises. Found the material to be very practical and immediately applicable to administering Resin.

Edward - Zaphod, Inc.

Resin Admin

Labs = great! I wanted more of them, and more time to do them, at every step of the way. It makes it easier to learn that way. Simeon is SUPER knowledgeable with Python AND many other languages, which is great because he can compare and contrast them. He now only knows teaches the syntax and language, but how to use it efficiently. I was a bit under the learning level, not having programmed before like most everyone else in the class, so I felt like I was constantly having to catch up, but I still learned a LOT and highly recommend this class for programmers fluent in Java or C or such that want to learn Python as well. Take this and you will be off and running!

Chris - Bank of the west


This is a great training vendor. They know their stuff. The trainer was very quick and knew his stuff. The Android internals is really a black art and I am glad to have attended the training.

Noel - Intel Corporation

Android Platform

The training is very well organized and delivered. Rob Zuber did the excellent job. Many thanks!

David - Symantec Corporation


very intensive course but great !!!

Duy - PCDT

Java Bootcamp

Thanks Marko....this was great!

Joyce - UC Davis

Java™ for Managers

Excellent class, it provides a very complete overview of the capabilities of HTML5.

Ed - Qualcomm, Inc.

HTML5 Overview

Excellent overview! Clear, Concise, and well organized with examples you can take home!

David - AOL Inc.

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Outstanding instructor. Innovative, responsive and (best of all) took great care to point out all of the pitfalls, did not rely on simply presenting correct examples. Excellent presentation style, very clear and very consciencious at the same time.

David C - Computer Sciences Corporation

Advanced Java

Enjoyed the class. The instructor broke down the material into very understandable form.

Reynaldo - Idea Integration


Without exaggeration, I can wholeheartedly say that this was the best training class I've ever taken. Sasa was an outstanding instructor and demonstrated time and time again how well he knows Apache. I was truly blown away by how useful and informative it was. Highly recommended!

Brandon - Broward Community College

Apache Web Server

Excellent class...

Sung - Raytheon

Android Bootcamp

great course, thank you

Steve - Media Arts Lab

Old HTML5 Bootcamp

This was an excellent Android training experience. It was exactly the right mix of hands-on training and discussion. Ken is very engaging and knowledgeable. I appreciated his comments and suggestions alongside the training material.

Stephen - Wells Fargo

Android Platform

Michael was a very proficient and knowledgeable instructor. He really took the time to focus on and answer the the questions that were important to our group.

Pete - MITRE Corporation

JavaEE Bootcamp

Great class, Ken did a great job teaching the subject matter. I am happy with what I've learned and hope to get a start on an app soon.

Ken - Cisco

Android Bootcamp

Excellent training. Just the right amount of depth.

Steven - USAA

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Real-life application and one-on-one training. Instructors care very much. Great facility!

Abigail - UCSF


Max did a great job and the content was excellent.

Mitch - ARCOS, Inc.

jQuery Mobile

Excellent!!! I would consider taking other classes in the future!!!

Hong - Experian

Apache Web Server

Marko is very knowledgeable and explains the entire Android System clearly and effectively. The training is going to help us tremendously!

Joshua - The IMS Company

Android Internals

Thank you for this invaluable opportunity to learn from the world's experts on the NetBeans Rich Client Platform. For anyone intending to work in this area I would highly recommend spending some time with the various books and tutorials and then attend this course. It will help cement your understanding and acquaint you to many valuable resources.

Joseph - Universalis Consulting Services LLC

NetBeans Platform Certified

Fantastic course with a fantastic instructor. Kyle's knowledge and passion for JavaScript are unmatched.

Leo - Intel Corporation

JavaScript The What You Need To Know Parts

Excellent range and depth of subject matter knowledge, presentation skills, pacing, etc.

Bob - HTC

Android™ for Sales Engineers

Learned MUCH more about Android in 5 days than I did in an entire mobile applications class in college. Very highly recommended.

Eric - Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Android Bootcamp

It was definitely a very good learning experience.

Jay - Avery Dennison

Apache Tomcat Administration

The information regarding Lookups, layer.xml, and System FileSystem were most helpful. Finally, the obtuse parts of the NetBeans Platform make sense to me now!

Bruce - Emxsys.com

NetBeans Platform Certified

Sasa is very knowledgeable about android development and provided excellent instructions over the 5day course. It is rare to have instructors that are capable of troubleshooting problems on their feet using very little time during the labs.

Ken - Sandia National Labs

Android Bootcamp

Instructor very knowledgable on Android. Great course overall for Android

Dean - solutions engineering

Android™ for Sales Engineers

Instructor was very easy to listen to and retain my attention despite such a long training period.

Kim - Haemonetics

Java Web Development with Spring and Hibernate

Larry was a very knowledgable instructor. He was able to answer nearly all questions and the few that he didn't know the answer to right away, he would follow up with an answer later. He was approachable and a patient and I learned a lot from him. The class was pretty fast-paced, but that is to be expected when it is so condensed. I will probably go back through the slides to go over some of the material that I didn't understand in depth the first time.

Brian - Qualcomm, Inc.

Android Internals

Very knowledgeable and friendly instructor...

Bryan - SonyEricsson

Android in Raleigh

IIt was a great class, however it was extremly fast. Defrag your brain before you take this class. Your going to need a lot of space for it.

Brad - State of Montana

JBoss™ Administration

Great course and instructor.

Thomas - Self

Android Bootcamp

I appreciated the introduction session giving us a chance to say what we wanted to see out of this training. He covered just about everything that the group discussed. Excellent format and content for our group. Thanks so much!

Eileen - Sprint

Android™ for Sales Engineers

I really like the course. I learned all of the major components to android development and would definitely recommend this course.

Alex - Guardian Medical Logistics

Android Bootcamp

The method used to teach concepts was very excellent. I liked Sasa's way of presentation. Recommend the course.

Jagadeesh - Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Inc.

Java Web Development with Spring and Hibernate

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the course. I would like to certainly consider doing advanced Android training course.

Satya - N/A

Android Bootcamp

... The application development part of course (first 3 days) was excellent and exceeded expectations. It is very well constructed to demonstrate all of the necessary core concepts. Marko was excellent! He is very insightful and a pleasure to learn from.

Tom - Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Android Bootcamp

it's fast, but liked it. lots of material and L10N/I18N topic as well.

Yoshiyasu - IT-Flex-GLS

Android Bootcamp

The course was well organized and the instructor has good knowledge about this topics.

Kazuto - Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Inc.

Java Web Development with Spring and Hibernate

The instructor was willing to revise the course to show examples of how he would solve some real problems

Jerry - Comcast Cable

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

Thanks!!! This was really good. Peter's humor was great.

David - Network Solutions, LLC

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Great class. Too bad didn't have time to do the exercise together. Having exercise/labs is excellent idea though. If you come up to Seattle/Bellevue, pls let us, T-Mobile Bellevue, know.

Milton - T-Mobile

Android Security Architecture

Great job by Marko. I'm walking away knowing MUCH more about Android than I did before, and feel confident and competent now to start developing. This was, so far, the best training course I have ever taken.

Paul - Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Android Bootcamp

Excellent class. The coursework was well organized and delivered. Thanks for a great course.

Zach - AOL Inc.

Advanced Android

Excellent Class. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Brian - Summit Projects

Apache Web Server

I learned a lot during these three days of training. Thank you so much!! Aleksandar had solid understanding of Java and really knew the stuff inside out.

Atul - Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

Advanced Java

Mark Murphy is an excellent trainer. I would recommend this class, and Mark's books, to anyone wanting to learn Android programming.

Paul - Nahay Associates

Android Bootcamp

They aren't kidding when they say "bootcamp"!:) Great course!

Billie - USAA

Android Bootcamp

Great Teacher!

Rafael - Venturus

Android Bootcamp

Great course. I have a better understanding of Android and am able to code apps. A good refresher on Java. Thanks for the great class.

John - Hewlett-Packard

Android Bootcamp

Our instructor, Matt Bezark, was simply the best. His immense experience was apparent, and really helped me fully understand objective-c and iOS.

Alex - USAA

Objective-C and iOS Bootcamp

Great course. It was nice to have a teacher who USES this stuff on a day-to-day basis, instead of someone who's a professioanl training-course teacher with little real-world experience. Thanks Dan!

David - RIC International

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

... Great course, Ken Jones is [an] excellent [instructor] and [he] was able to find out any issue that we could encounter so far developing Android apps

Andrea - Telecom Italia

Android Bootcamp

Really fantastic course. Helped with my understanding of the topic as well as unrelated topics as the instructor shared his experience in the real world as well.

Luke - Hargray Communication

Apache Web Server

It is hard to rate everything as excellent but this really was an excellent course. Marko was very knowledgeable and knows how to present this work. I will surely benefit from having had this course. Great class and excellent instructor.

Prithvi - Texas Instruments

Android Internals

The instructor was supremely knowledgeable, not only in the course material, but on android in general. Obviously, he is an astute developer in addition to being a course instructor. I especially appreciated the tips on best practice and coding style, and the instructor's willingness to address questions outside the scope of the course project.

Jeremy - Sandia National Labs

Android Bootcamp

The instructor clearly was a fantastic communicator, educator and demonstrated a subject matter expertise

Rami - Intel Corporation

Old HTML5 Fast Track

This was a great course and an excellent primer. The instructors did a great job tayloring the course to our company's specific needs. The content was excellent as well.

Lindsey - Cisco

JavaEE Bootcamp

Sasa is very good at explaining Android topics and gave us an excellent overview in a short time frame.

David - Vulnerability Research Labs

Android Internals

The instructor demonstrated command of Android development and a deep understanding of overall software design concepts. I highly recommend this class.

Rich - Nielsen

Android Bootcamp

Overall, very, very good class. It was extremely helpful. Marko is an outstanding insructor. Andriod Bootcamp exceeded my expectations in terms of the depth of content and coverage of a wide variety of topics. The instructor was very knowledgeable and provide many hands-on exercises which helped me get from zero to productive development in one week!

Tony - Happy State Bank

Android Bootcamp

This is a great class that moved at an excellent pace. I'm going to make my friends totally jealous when I show them what I have learned.

Joaquin - USAA

Objective-C and iOS Bootcamp

The instructor has mastered his subject matter and as an bonus he is an excellent developer. The learning wasn't bounded by hours in the classroom but with extra materials and access to instructor's web site, it's a long term benefits.

Hieu - Sprint

Android Bootcamp

This is a great "highly condensed" course for person even with little programming background, will look forward to the Advance class soon!

Jeng - Freeflow Hardware

Java Bootcamp

Objective reached and very satisfied with the delivery of information. Instructor very knowledgable on subject matter. Enjoyed the class...Thanks for the training.....

Joe - PSC

Android™ for Sales Engineers

Good class, learned a ton of internal Android information that I never had before.

Jacque - HTC

Android™ for Sales Engineers

Instruction was great.

Matthew - Thamesoft

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

This was one of the best training courses specific to my job at Sprint. All aspects of the course will help me better position Android devices with my customers.

Jay - Sprint

Android™ for Sales Engineers

Thanks for your patience, Marko! It was extremely informative & fun too!

Nancy - Shasta Union School District


I came into this class with no knowledge & my expectations for myself were *very low*... However I am walking away with a lot more than I bargained for... I actually know something & will hopefully be able to apply it, even if it is just understanding the stack traces better & help writing up better bug reports. I definitely am glad I attended this class & will recommend it to my peers. Ken was both a dynamic & creative instructor & never lost site of the fact that we are people & could only take so much information at one time!! His training was wonderful & his humor helped us all get through 5 full days, that could have been painful if not done well.

Heather - EMC

Java Bootcamp

Was a great course that really added to my understanding of android applications!

Daniel - Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Android Bootcamp

Good knowledge!

Chris - Santa Clara County Dept. of Social Services


Jens is an excellent Scrum instructor. His class is thoroughly engaging and filled with insight based on real-world experience. Think your Scrum implementation is good? Jens can make it even better!

Benny - OSIsoft


Neven did an outstanding job balancing the material between the various skill levels of the attendees. His approach of covering the material was extremely effective- He first covered the overall concepts in a general way, then tied in the labs and focused training to drive the subject home. For me this was a highly successful training program.

Mike - UCLA

Apache and Tomcat

I don't usually mark all "excellent" or give perfect scores but I thought this training was excellent across the board. The materials, labs and the instructor covered the topic very well and provided tools and samples to continue learning after the course. This was one of the best trainings in terms of understanding and retaining the information for a short course I've been to in quite some time.

Greg - Intel Corporation

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Overall though, Sasa did an excellent job in presenting the material and I do feel empowered to go and develop Android applications. I would definitely recommend this training to anyone interested in learning about Android.

David - HBO

Android Bootcamp

Much better overall than the experience with the Apache Web Server training this week. This instructor actually 'taught' the material rather than just reading the book to us. His support of the material made a big difference. The book was better laid out for finding info and had some instructions for labs. ---Thank you! Excellent. I can now go back to work and understand what I am trying to do!

Apache Tomcat Administration

I was impressed by Ken's deep knowledge of the Android API's and core functionality. He is clearly familiar with many aspects of the device. Ken was easy to understand and follow throughout the training. I have programmed Android for several months and Ken was able to help bring clarity to the work that I have already done. Thanks!

Nathan - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Advanced Android

Martin was an extremely knowlegable and well natured individual.

Perry - 5D

Java Web Development with Spring and Hibernate

I really enjoyed the course and thought highly of the instructor. He always kept us moving a long to stay on track and stopped when someone needed a little extra help.

Manuel - USAA

Objective-C and iOS Bootcamp

the training sessions were great.. a lot of material was covered and the pace was perfect. I would really consider taking more seminars which cover different material in the future. Hopefully Miami will be a location where seminars are given. Excellent job!

Carolina - Sapient

Old HTML5 Fast Track

This was a well structured course that covered a lot of ground in a very efficient manner. I found this course to be every beneficial.

Cory - AOL Inc.

Old HTML5 Fast Track