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Over the past decade, we have trained thousands of world-class IT professionals who are changing the face of the global Internet economy. Here is what some of them had to say:

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Great teacher and Great Class. Never had such detailed class in 4 days. Thanks a lot I learned a ton of basics as well. Lunch provisioning is very creative.

Dinesh - Adobe Systems, Inc.

JBoss™ Administration

Sasa was an excellent teacher.

Maria - Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

Apache Tomcat Administration

This was a great training. The instructor was very well prepared and during the week he was able to keep the pace of the course at the right level.

Alexandru Catalin - Product Architecture

Android Bootcamp

This class changed my life. I will never be the same again.

Anthony - Pearson

Apache Web Server

Overall, very, very good class. It was extremely helpful. Marko is an outstanding insructor. Andriod Bootcamp exceeded my expectations in terms of the depth of content and coverage of a wide variety of topics. The instructor was very knowledgeable and provide many hands-on exercises which helped me get from zero to productive development in one week!

Tony - Happy State Bank

Android Bootcamp

SF HTML5 Bootcamp is a great course that gets you up-and-running with HTML5. The instructor really knows his stuff and takes the time to explain some of the tougher-to-understand concepts. You'll learn a ton from the easy-to-digest course and hands-on labs. You'll not only enjoy the course; you'll get excited about building cool HTML5 web apps.

Vanessa - Kaazing Corporation

Old HTML5 Bootcamp

I would be interested in other recommended classes to take to learn further.

Laura - AppExchange Product Management

Old HTML5 Fast Track

The class was well organized and we were fortunate to have an excellent instructor in Daniel. He was able to adjust the course work on the fly to meet the class's collective needs.

Michael - Medidata Solutions

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

Doug really worked within the limitations he had (having to print pages of the book etc). He was able to adapt the course to what the people who attended were looking for. Doug gave each student attention they needed during labs. He is very positive, knowledgeable and professional.

Jan - SeaChange International


I really liked the whiteboard explanations and the passion of the instructor when he explained how the JavaScript works inside.

Cristina - Salesforce.com


I found there was very little that could be done to improve this course, especially given the beginner level, the pace was just right and the amount of material covered was quite broad. I learned a great deal more from this class than I expected, especially given the very short term nature of the course. I really feel I was given a good fundamental understanding of Java. The instructor was clear, concise, worded himself clearly and unambiguously, and rigorously pushed the class to apply good coding practices. I would definitely take this course again if I had to do it over again.

Ignas - Xerox

Java Bootcamp

I thought the training was great.

Brian - Sprint

Android™ for Sales Engineers

Excellent Training has giving such a great knowledge of Tomcat!

Brian - UC Davis

Apache Tomcat Administration

This was one of the best training courses specific to my job at Sprint. All aspects of the course will help me better position Android devices with my customers.

Jay - Sprint

Android™ for Sales Engineers

Awesome! Thanks :)

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Excellent work by Alex. Thumbs up.

Manivannan - eTouch Systems

Java Web Development with Spring and Hibernate

The breath and depth of the instructor's experience and knowlege was phenominal. The course was a great experience.

Darren - Research in Motion

Apache Tomcat Administration

I was very pleased with the quality of the material, the training facility itself and the instructor. The facility is comfortable and provides an environment that is conducive for learning. Brandon is excellent. If I didn't quite grasp something, he pulled up a chair and we went over it together. He's a wonderful instructor that take a keen interest in ensuring you understand the material.

Scott - Dutchland, Inc.

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

I was very pleased with the training. Peter and Christian were so helpful in all aspects. I, as a novice to programming, was so appreciative of their patience and support. I feel empowered!!

Julia - John Deere Financial

Old HTML5 Fast Track

The instructor did an excellent job. He presented a lot of material and he knew his subject well. That's better than most training classes. The materials he provided were far above the usual.

Joe - MathWorks

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Ken went above and beyond to ensure that our environment was functioning correctly and spent time outside of class developing demo apps to answer our questions. He demonstrated unlimlited patience and persistence in helping us whenever we fell behind or got stuck on the lesson.

Mary - US Army

Android Bootcamp

Great training experience. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and presented the material clearly and effectively. A great learning experience!

Robert - Comcast Spotlight

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Loved the fact that the instructor was able to teach the information and catch up with the slides after the fact instead of just reading directly from the slides in the book. Plus, the real-life examples were extremely helpful in understanding the material better.

Tim - SkillSoft

Apache Tomcat Administration

Overall it cover a good sample on everything. I was able to pick up more information on developing apps through sdk. Things that I had not known by reading. I like the hands on expirience, get to go through small project, better than just a lecture style course.

Gabriel - Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Android Bootcamp

Fantastic course! Sasa knows so much that we need more than five days to cover the material for the class.

Tony - Department of Defense

Android Platform

Instructor was great. Very knowledgeable. Would enjoy taking having a more advanced training through him.

Ryne - MediaTrust

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

Knew the subject matter very well. Did higher level overviews but could get down into lower level questions when needed. Very well paced and covered a lot of material for the 3 day course.

John - Apple

Advanced Java

Great training! The training really knows Android Internals. Android Application lifecycle, startup and filesystem was explain really well.

Cesar - Texas Instruments

Android Internals

Instructor was excellent. Learned than the itinery.

John - CKE Restaurants, Inc.

Linux Fundamentals

Robyn is great, she was patient and thorough.

Moshe - MAL


Great Course! I learrned alot!

Troy - Sprint Business

Android™ for Sales Engineers

The training is very well organized and delivered. Rob Zuber did the excellent job. Many thanks!

David - Symantec Corporation


This class gave me a greater understanding on PHP coding using best practices and was a great start to my professional development.

Greg - Tachometry Corporation


Material was presented clearly, instructor was well prepared and demonstrated superior knowledge of subject matter.

Matt - Advance Internet, Inc.

Java Bootcamp

It was definitely a very good learning experience.

Jay - Avery Dennison

Apache Tomcat Administration

I enjoyed the class very much and the materials covered and lab portion of the class well demonstrated applications of HTML5 to website development.

Min - Vibrant Media

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Adam was very knowledgeable of the subject material and a pleasure to deal with.

Raine - Groundspeak Inc.

Java Bootcamp

Great experience overall....

Neeraj - Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

Apache Web Server

Very good course to let me get more familiar with JEE and JBoss. The instructors did a great job explaining the concepts and were always available for various questions.

Weidung - Cisco

JavaEE Bootcamp

Come back soon, I enjoyed the class.

Brendan - U.S Government

Android Bootcamp

Instructor is amazing. He inspired me so much that, I was waiting for Monday to go back to my team and implement the ideas I have learned in the class. This is probably the best learning I took in the recent years. Worth it.


... Great course, Ken Jones is [an] excellent [instructor] and [he] was able to find out any issue that we could encounter so far developing Android apps

Andrea - Telecom Italia

Android Bootcamp

Nice class...and try a different and simpler training web application to develop and built into a more web complex application. Nice very nice!

Java Web Development with Spring and Hibernate

Great job by Marko. I'm walking away knowing MUCH more about Android than I did before, and feel confident and competent now to start developing. This was, so far, the best training course I have ever taken.

Paul - Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Android Bootcamp

This was a great bootcamp to help us understand the Android ecosystem and app space. It was accessible to all team members regardless of skill level and previous technical experience.

Allison - MPAA

Android™ Overview

I came into this class with no knowledge & my expectations for myself were *very low*... However I am walking away with a lot more than I bargained for... I actually know something & will hopefully be able to apply it, even if it is just understanding the stack traces better & help writing up better bug reports. I definitely am glad I attended this class & will recommend it to my peers. Ken was both a dynamic & creative instructor & never lost site of the fact that we are people & could only take so much information at one time!! His training was wonderful & his humor helped us all get through 5 full days, that could have been painful if not done well.

Heather - EMC

Java Bootcamp

Simeon was great.

Danny - Schwab


the training sessions were great.. a lot of material was covered and the pace was perfect. I would really consider taking more seminars which cover different material in the future. Hopefully Miami will be a location where seminars are given. Excellent job!

Carolina - Sapient

Old HTML5 Fast Track

The instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all questions that came up. He clearly has extensive knowledge in this domain area.

Required - Salesforce.com

Advanced Java

I liked the fluid format of the course, but having that stated up front was helpful. I liked having more hands-on coding exercises to help me learn and retain the concepts learned.

Addison - Salesforce.com

Advanced Java

Great class. I regret not taking the full week class.

Paul - DoD

Android Bootcamp

Overall, totally stoked. Thanks!

Kathryn - Self

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

Great instructor!

Vicki - Sprint

Android™ for Sales Engineers

It was a great learning opportunity. Also this provided a sneak peek review of all abilities and implementation android provides. I had a great experience!!!

Shyamali - Sandia National Labs

Android Bootcamp

Great Teacher!

Rafael - Venturus

Android Bootcamp

Students' questions were answered and other details during breaks were shared to the class right after the break. The instructor is knowledgeable in various tools (Ruby, etc.) covered in class.

Noreen - General Dynamics


Excellent presentations, projects and demos. Working demos and takeaways. Clean facilities. Good food.

Android Bootcamp

Joe Alman is very knowledgeable; well presented the course; maintained the course at optimum pace. Well prepared and provided useful course material.

Shyam - Network Solutions, LLC


Outstanding instructor. Innovative, responsive and (best of all) took great care to point out all of the pitfalls, did not rely on simply presenting correct examples. Excellent presentation style, very clear and very consciencious at the same time.

David C - Computer Sciences Corporation

Advanced Java

HTML5 has become one of the hottest topics in the last several months. I was very interested to learn about the capabilities of the standard and what the future had in store. The instructor was able to paint a clear picture of HTML5 in a short amount of time. I am more than pleased with the knowledge I gained and look forward to any future training courses that he will provide.

Rudo - Sapient

Old HTML5 Fast Track

both the course and instructor were great.

Ryan - Media Arts Lab

Old HTML5 Bootcamp

The information regarding Lookups, layer.xml, and System FileSystem were most helpful. Finally, the obtuse parts of the NetBeans Platform make sense to me now!

Bruce - Emxsys.com

NetBeans Platform Certified

It gave a very good overall knowledge and Labs for HTML5.

Pallavi - Network Solutions, LLC

Old HTML5 Fast Track

I had very good time learning Ruby and Rails. Alex was exceptional in answering most of our questions. Overall I had excellent experience.

Sowmyashree - NBCUniversal

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

Great course. I enjoyed the exercises, it helped a lot to understand the concepts. Jens is the guy!

Laurent - Marakana, Inc.


I really enjoyed the class. I am a beginner, but I think I got a really good grasp of what HTML5 can do.

Patricia - Business Development

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Sasa was an excellent instructor.

Stephen - WDIG

JBoss™ Administration

Thanks for jumping into example code to answer our questions.

Julie - Texas Instruments

Android Internals

Excellent coverage of the techniques and pitfalls of Python Programming using extensive examples and code walk-through's.

Kari - Ujanen Inc.


I think it was overall a very good speed given the wide range of experience(s) in the group.

Aaron - G5

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

Instructor really has the perspective of a teacher. He takes the time needed to get the idea across, and presented ideas clearly.

Jeffrey - USAA

Old HTML5 Fast Track

For the short amount of time we had to learn about HTML5, the instructor did an exceptional job in helping us get a good understanding of the capabilities of HTML5.

John - Sapient

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Excellent class. I definitely learned a lot. Instructor was extremely knowledgable material. He presented the material very well. I feel like I understood about 99% of things that were presented. Simeon was very enthusiastic about helping the students with labs and explaining things that they did not completely understand.

Brian - Morpho Detection Inc.


Sasa came prepared. He was extremely knowledgeable.

Sean - EDS

Apache Tomcat Administration

The course definitely met my needs for learning and inspiration. I'm coming away with a great overview, and a wealth of resources for moving forward. I appreciated the instructor's energy, clarity, and knowledge!

Kathryn - Self

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Great class - love it!

Java Testing with JUnit

The course was informative and the instructor was entertaining.

Paul - The Nielsen Company

Android Bootcamp

I had taken another class before with the instructor for this class, Aleksandar Gargenta, and he has demonstrated on multiple occasions that he is very well versed in the content he is presenting. I feel like I got a lot out of this course.

Andrew - Computer Sciences Corporation

Advanced Java

Outstanding course. Peter is a great instructor. Well done.

Russ - Bechtel National, Inc.

Old HTML5 Fast Track

The course met my expectations and the instructor covered the topic well. I will recommend the class to anyone wanting to learn Tomcat.

Andrew - HCA

Apache Tomcat Administration

Excellent class!

Anthony - Sprint

Android™ for Sales Engineers

The level of material was perfect for me. Coming from an iOS world, the course delivered exactly what I needed to make the transition of concepts I know in one world (iOS) to the Android world. Awesome class! Instructor's knowledge is top notch and teaching abilities are great.

Brian - Nielsen Media Research

Android Bootcamp

I don't usually mark all "excellent" or give perfect scores but I thought this training was excellent across the board. The materials, labs and the instructor covered the topic very well and provided tools and samples to continue learning after the course. This was one of the best trainings in terms of understanding and retaining the information for a short course I've been to in quite some time.

Greg - Intel Corporation

Old HTML5 Fast Track

Very good balance of Android basics and security topics. As someone knowing little about either coming in, I learned a lot.

Andy - Department of Defense

Android Security Architecture

Went beyond my expectations. With a minimal Java background, Marko went really went into basics. Will definitely pass my word to most of my friends in this technology if their company gives them off.

Robin - University of California, Irvine

Android Bootcamp

Good class, learned a ton of internal Android information that I never had before.

Jacque - HTC

Android™ for Sales Engineers

This class has been such a great learning experience. Mark is so knowledgeable about Android and was a great teacher!

Katherine - Blackbird Technologies Incorporated

Android Bootcamp

Excellent class, thank you!

Achod - Intel Corporation

Android Bootcamp

Brilliant course. Thank you.

Justin - Qualcomm, Inc.

Old HTML5 Fast Track

The course was unbelievable and the instructor really knew the information. I was amazed how quickly the instructor was able to figure out student problems and answer/address any problems or concerns presented. I learned so much from the course.

Michael (Mike) - Peerless Technologies Corporation

Java Web Development with Spring and Hibernate

Great Class!

Andrew - Shopko Stores Operating Co. LLC

Apache Web Server

Most fun and useful training I've taken during my 8-year run at Stanford. Thank you much!

Kevin - Stanford University

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

Well done!

Steven - Qualcomm, Inc.

Android™ App Development

The instructor did an excellent job separating the hype behind HTML5 from practical application we can implement this week. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how we can move forward into HTML5 while implementing fallback into everything we do for the older browsers.

Douglas - Bechtel National, Inc.

Old HTML5 Fast Track

This was an excellent Android training experience. It was exactly the right mix of hands-on training and discussion. Ken is very engaging and knowledgeable. I appreciated his comments and suggestions alongside the training material.

Stephen - Wells Fargo

Android Platform

Perfect. This is exactly the level of detail that I expected and needed.

Dennis - S&C/Solutions Engineering

Android™ for Sales Engineers

This was a great and informative overview of Android. Marko was very professional, answered all the questions and took the time to understand our needs.

Reza - Cricket Communications

Android™ Overview

Mark is an excellent teacher. His speaking style is great and easy to follow. He presents the subject in a very approachable manner. It's quite obvious he's passionate about android and is very invested in helping google make it a great platform. Giving the class free access to his books and tutorials was fantastic. Thanks Mark!


Advanced Android

Jim Coplien is an amazing instructor. He brought great energy and passion to the subject and he explained everything in a way that made it easy to understand. I was very impressed with his vast amount of experience and knowledge. I feel I have walked away from this course with a true understanding of how Agile and Scrum work. Thank you!

Greg - SCEA

Scrum Product Owner