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Adam Breindel brings over 10 years of successes working with cutting-edge technology for small startups as well as major players in the travel, media/entertainment, financial, productivity, and consulting industries.

In addition to web sites, GUI applications, and mobile device software, Adam has also built high-volume middleware for one of the world's largest banks, and produced a new, modern integration to a 1960s-vintage mainframe app for one of the world's largest airlines.

Adam focuses on designing and coding systems in a way that yields predictable results, leverages best practices and high-productivity tools, minimizes excess code, and is fun to do. He has also spoken at tech conferences, written articles and skill assessments, and produced an open source tool for software development. Adam has enjoyed teaching large and small groups, covering topics from nuts-and-bolts Java programming to merging ideal process with real-world constraints in an organization.

Context or the "This" Keyword in JavaScript 1/4

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Tomcat UML C++ C
JavaEE Linux Ajax Adobe Flash
JavaScript Hibernate Web Services Eclipse IDE
JBuilder Servlets and JSPs J2ME NetBeans
Ant CSS HTML Rails
OOP Design Patterns C# Windows
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Adam Breindel is scheduled to teach the following classes:

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Android Security Architecture Jun 18 - Jun 19 NewCircle HQ

[top] Student Testimonials

Instructor was great! Extremely knowledgeable, and a great sense of humor. Made the class fun as well as effective.

Bud - Adobe Systems, Inc.

Thanks for providing real work examples in the course materials this course really helps me in everyday, AJAX, Jquery coding tasks.

Yukari - Adobe Systems, Inc.

I really liked the whiteboard explanations and the passion of the instructor when he explained how the JavaScript works inside.

Cristina -

Adam was a great instructor for our Javascript class. I especially appreciated how we gave us concentrated information, spoke clearly, and paced the class in a way that made all the details easier to digest. He was also really friendly and took the time to answer questions, which made class more engaging. Thanks Adam!

Chelsea -

Adam did a great job, given the loops we threw him for.

Ryan - Media Arts Lab

Adam was very knowledgeable of the subject material and a pleasure to deal with.

Raine - Groundspeak Inc.

Enjoyed the course greatly. Received some new thoughts on what I can do to better implement Tomcat.