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Adam Breindel brings over 10 years of successes working with cutting-edge technology for small startups as well as major players in the travel, media/entertainment, financial, productivity, and consulting industries.

In addition to web sites, GUI applications, and mobile device software, Adam has also built high-volume middleware for one of the world's largest banks, and produced a new, modern integration to a 1960s-vintage mainframe app for one of the world's largest airlines.

Adam focuses on designing and coding systems in a way that yields predictable results, leverages best practices and high-productivity tools, minimizes excess code, and is fun to do. He has also spoken at tech conferences, written articles and skill assessments, and produced an open source tool for software development. Adam has enjoyed teaching large and small groups, covering topics from nuts-and-bolts Java programming to merging ideal process with real-world constraints in an organization.

Context or the "This" Keyword in JavaScript 1/4

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[top] Student Testimonials

Very good crash course in JS. Able to understand quickly the basics to use in my job

Brian -

Instructor is very knowledgable and digs deep into the underlying concepts and reasons as to why things are the way they are.

Sushanth -

The part i loved in the training is that the class had interesting lab works for each topic. Adam(instructor) was very patient in answering to all questions we had and gave clear explanation.

Vishnu Priya -

The training was well organized and covered all that could be covered in 6 days and I would like to say that the trainer was very patient and helpful. He cleared each and everyone's doubts well.

Ramees - Intel Corporation

I found this training very useful, the materials are good, the Mentor id very experienced and the labs are good for learning the basics. There is still a little bit of mess on having a virtual class, but people get in use very quick after the ground rules are set.

THOMAS - Intel Corporation

Adam did a great job teaching the course material and answering the difficult technical questions that we lobbed at him. One pitfall of training up a bunch of nerds is the tendency for the group to get bogged down in pedantic, esoteric details, but Adam balanced the need to stay focused on the material while also satisfying everyone's intellectual curiosity.

Richard - The Climate Corporation

Adam was a great instructor. His explanations were clear, and he knew which areas to focus on based on the class's interest and prior knowledge. I really appreciated how open he was to questions, and he answered all of them very well even when it meant looking up the answer. And he's a great guy!

Kapil -

Adam Breindel is a phenomenal instructor. A+ on the content and delivery.

Adam -

This is my second class where I am fortunate to get Adam as the instructor. Adam rocks! As I said before, his depth of knowledge is impressive. He keeps the class interesting and entertaining.

Jorge -

Instructor is very knowledgeable on the topic. Great training!

Andres - Intel Corporation

Adam is very sharp and able to explain all the concept of JavaScript very well. He understood all the participants questions very quickly and addressed them, that was very impressive.

Sanjeev - Cisco

Instructor was great! Extremely knowledgeable, and a great sense of humor. Made the class fun as well as effective.

Bud - Adobe Systems, Inc.

Excellent class! The instructor was extremely knowledgable about the subject and gave some really good insights into the core working of JavaScript. Absolutely loved this class. Now looking forward to the Advanced JavaScript course.

Prashant -

Excellent class, good material. The sections on closures and context are especially eye-opening. Adam clearly knows his stuff and is in touch with modern methodologies. He has a great personality and is very patient. He is well spoken and explains concepts very clearly. It is especially helpful when he draws diagrams on the board.

Bo -

Very knowledgeable Instructor. He was very sensitive to the class and was willing to answer questions.

Dennis - University at Buffalo

We are under-rating Adam by giving him a 10. He's excellent... He kept the dryest material fun, and the most difficult material clear.

Ben - The Climate Corporation

The instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable. I have already recommended this class to several others in my group.

Robert -

Instructor Adam was good about recognizing the relative experience of the participants and adjusting the pace of the class accordingly :)

Dylan - The Climate Corporation

Enjoyed the course greatly. Received some new thoughts on what I can do to better implement Tomcat.
This is the second class I've taken using the virtual environment available through Cloud9 and Citrix, and the first I've taken with Adam Breindel - AWESOME and not a moment wasted - lots of learning in addition to hands-on practical labs! Great instructor and productive virtual setup.

S - Intel Corporation

As with the JavaScript Basics class, Adam is an exceptional instructor. Knowledgable, great instructional skills, and deep expertise that let him modify his approach to teaching in response to questions, quizzical looks, or dead silence.

Michael -

Adam did a great job, given the loops we threw him for.

Ryan - Media Arts Lab

I really liked the whiteboard explanations and the passion of the instructor when he explained how the JavaScript works inside.

Cristina -

Excellent training. The contents and the pace were perfect. The instructor was very knowledgeable. The instructor gave good attention to questions and issues faced by participants. One of the best trainings I have attended.

Namrata - Cisco

Good class, really knowledgeable instructor. I like it, keep it the way it is....

Deepak -

The course was well structured. The class was very interactive and hands on. The instructor was great.

Ravi -

Solid overview and practice with several tricky JavaScript topics, for developers coming from other languages.

Michael - Intel Corporation

Loved the class. Covered so much ground in just two days. I appreciated how Adam would refer back to our traditional understanding of languages like Java and C++ to help us understand the unique aspects of Javascript. His knowledge was also obviously really deep, even beyond Javascript, which was awesome. Also glad I have some good slides, resources, and lab sample code to take with me to reference in the future.

Jeff -

Exactly what I needed to know to get started with JavaScript. Very precise selection of "What you must know about JS".

Gurdeep -

A very helpful class for me as a beginner.

Huy - Intel Corporation