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Aleksandar Gargenta is the technology brains at Marakana. Always on top of the latest in software, Aleksandar is the company's radar for technology that matters. His latest ventures are perfecting Marakana's Android Internals and Security courses.

Phew. And if that's not enough, he's also the chief architect of Marakana Spark, the on-demand software platform that powers and a number of other training companies. As an instructor he's taught hundreds of classes for everyone from Apple to Disney, from NASA to the Department of Defense.

In his spare time Aleksandar runs the San Francisco Java, Android, and HTML5 User Groups with over three thousand members across the three groups.

Aleksandar holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. He is also a father, photographer, hiker, and a race-car driver :-)

As an Android and Java expert, Aleksandar is the author of Marakana's Java, Advanced Java, Android Internals, Android Security, Spring/Hibernate, JBoss, Apache, XML/XSL, and JUnit/TestNG training courses.

Intro to Android NDK with Aleksandar Gargenta

Full Tutorial

Aleksandar's presentation at the 2011 Android Builders Summit conference:


Java PHP XML JBoss
Apache Tomcat JavaEE Linux
Ajax XSL Struts Spring
Hibernate Eclipse IDE Servlets and JSPs JSF
Design Patterns Solaris Windows Mac OS X
MySQL Android    

[top] Student Testimonials

Overall, I thought the class was excellent. Sasa was very adaptable to the changing format of the class -- given that the class was originally focused on a pure programming class and changed to more of a high-level architecture class.

Samson - T-Mobile

Instructor has very good knowledge and is able to reach out. Overall the course was really helpful to understand.

Priyesh - eTouch Systems

Great, fast paced class stuffed with information. If you're up for it, you'll get every penny out of your time.

Adam - xMatters

Excellent course. Knowledgeable instructor. Many thanks...

Mojgan - Xerox

Good Course. Met my expectations for the course. Sasa was very familar with the material and good instructor.

Aaron - Robert W Baird & Co

Aleksandra did an excellent job though overall and was able to adjust the material well to our queries.

Ted - Intermec

I had taken another class before with the instructor for this class, Aleksandar Gargenta, and he has demonstrated on multiple occasions that he is very well versed in the content he is presenting. I feel like I got a lot out of this course.

Andrew - Computer Sciences Corporation

This class was very helpful for me to learn the fundamentals of android application development. The course material was presented clearly and the concepts were defined in an understandable manner. I am excited to take what i have learned and start building apps! Thank you!

Chrissy - Tribal DDB

Great program, thanks!

Vicky - Netgear

This is a great "highly condensed" course for person even with little programming background, will look forward to the Advance class soon!

Jeng - Freeflow Hardware

Great class.

Jonathan - Symantec Corporation

This course introduced me to Java web development. Aleksander demonstrated solid understanding of the topic. I would definitely recommend the course to my friends and colleagues.
Sasa knew his stuff and was able to answer all the questions he was being hit with. He did not preach the material to us but made sure we understood the whys of what was being taught. I wouldn't mind coming back for additional training or even having onsite setup.

Aliza - American Student Assistance

Overall the course was great. The instructor really knows his stuff. I definitely learned a lot in just a week. Hope this is the beginning of great things!

Don - L-3 Communications

This was a great training. The instructor was very well prepared and during the week he was able to keep the pace of the course at the right level.

Alexandru Catalin - Product Architecture

The method used to teach concepts was very excellent. I liked Sasa's way of presentation. Recommend the course.

Jagadeesh - Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Inc.

The amount of stuff to be covered in this course is quite too much, but instructor covered pretty much all. The time can be extended of this course to cover it better. Amazing Course!

Bhagyashree - Xerox

I found there was very little that could be done to improve this course, especially given the beginner level, the pace was just right and the amount of material covered was quite broad. I learned a great deal more from this class than I expected, especially given the very short term nature of the course. I really feel I was given a good fundamental understanding of Java. The instructor was clear, concise, worded himself clearly and unambiguously, and rigorously pushed the class to apply good coding practices. I would definitely take this course again if I had to do it over again.

Ignas - Xerox

Overall very good traing. As per the pace, it was fast paced, but was ok as there were so many topics to be covered.

Sweta - Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Inc.

Sasa was an excellent instructor and very patient with our many work related interruptions!

Brett - SkillSoft

Wide range of experience with students in class but material was well paced.

Clark - Chevron

Excellent course. Sasa is an outstanding instructor. Extremely knowledgable and an excellent teacher.

Scott - DISA DECC Mechanicsburg

Overall this was an excellent class and I would highly recommend it to my peers and anyone else who asked...

Brandon - Broward Community College

Fantastic course! Sasa knows so much that we need more than five days to cover the material for the class.

Tony - Department of Defense

Excellent instructor. Knowledge of the subject is clearly extensive. Very good course material, I will definitely keep it for reference. Appreciated the tailoring of the material to our needs.

Ranjan - Intel Corporation

The breath and depth of the instructor's experience and knowlege was phenominal. The course was a great experience.

Darren - Research in Motion

The instructor and materials were excellent.

Dereck - Computer Sciences Corporation

I was very impressed by the teacher knowled of the subject. Excellent!

Andre - FRBSF

Great class. I've learned a lot about the subject matter and would love to take another one in the near future. Thanks Sasa!

Roberto - Fresenius Medical Care

The instructor is very knowledgable & precise in providing the required information.

Jay - Avery Dennison