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Aleksandar Gargenta is the technology brains at Marakana. Always on top of the latest in software, Aleksandar is the company's radar for technology that matters. His latest ventures are perfecting Marakana's Android Internals and Security courses.

Phew. And if that's not enough, he's also the chief architect of Marakana Spark, the on-demand software platform that powers and a number of other training companies. As an instructor he's taught hundreds of classes for everyone from Apple to Disney, from NASA to the Department of Defense.

In his spare time Aleksandar runs the San Francisco Java, Android, and HTML5 User Groups with over three thousand members across the three groups.

Aleksandar holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. He is also a father, photographer, hiker, and a race-car driver :-)

As an Android and Java expert, Aleksandar is the author of Marakana's Java, Advanced Java, Android Internals, Android Security, Spring/Hibernate, JBoss, Apache, XML/XSL, and JUnit/TestNG training courses.

Intro to Android NDK with Aleksandar Gargenta

Full Tutorial

Aleksandar's presentation at the 2011 Android Builders Summit conference:


Java PHP XML JBoss
Apache Tomcat JavaEE Linux
Ajax XSL Struts Spring
Hibernate Eclipse IDE Servlets and JSPs JSF
Design Patterns Solaris Windows Mac OS X
MySQL Android    

[top] Student Testimonials

Outstanding instructor. Innovative, responsive and (best of all) took great care to point out all of the pitfalls, did not rely on simply presenting correct examples. Excellent presentation style, very clear and very consciencious at the same time.

David C - Computer Sciences Corporation

Sasa was an excellent instructor and very patient with our many work related interruptions!

Brett - SkillSoft

Instructor has excellent knowledge and allows the student copies of his work to review if they got lost. This was excellent (for me). I highly recommend him for those wanting a deep technical look at Android.

William - Department of Defense

This course gave me a very clear understanding about setting up Tomcat, deploying applications and setting the security. I learnt the JDBC aspect of the Tomcat and I really benefitted from this training as a developer


Very well structured and very comprehensive.

Angel - CalPERS

Without exaggeration, I can wholeheartedly say that this was the best training class I've ever taken. Sasa was an outstanding instructor and demonstrated time and time again how well he knows Apache. I was truly blown away by how useful and informative it was. Highly recommended!

Brandon - Broward Community College

One of the best classes I have ever had. Will definately be looking to come back again!

Brian - Autoliv Inc.

Great course. It gave me the necessary background and foundation that I needed to use apache the way I need it.


Aleksander is a great instructor!!!!!

Richard - Northrop Grumman

Thanks for your patience, Marko! It was extremely informative & fun too!

Nancy - Shasta Union School District

Good Course. Met my expectations for the course. Sasa was very familar with the material and good instructor.

Aaron - Robert W Baird & Co

Great program, thanks!

Vicky - Netgear

Many hours of reading and testing was saved ... this course has let me go to android real world apps from the theoretical to the practical.


Excellent instructor.

Jason - Walt Disney Internet Group

very knowledgable instructor explained the 'why' of stuff very well

Scott - Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

The class was superb! I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to learn or get out of the class, but the class not only got me excited about the subject, but satisfied my curiosity as it evolved.

Vadim - Department of Veterans Affairs

I found there was very little that could be done to improve this course, especially given the beginner level, the pace was just right and the amount of material covered was quite broad. I learned a great deal more from this class than I expected, especially given the very short term nature of the course. I really feel I was given a good fundamental understanding of Java. The instructor was clear, concise, worded himself clearly and unambiguously, and rigorously pushed the class to apply good coding practices. I would definitely take this course again if I had to do it over again.

Ignas - Xerox

Excellent Class. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Brian - Summit Projects

Nice class...and try a different and simpler training web application to develop and built into a more web complex application. Nice very nice!
Keep going with the charts and drawing! It very helpful! The course was very clear and interesting, adapted to both developers and administrators. The charts and drawings made a significant difference.

Laurent - Marakana, Inc.

I usually don't attend training classes because the pace is too slow and the instructors aren't well versed in the subjects. This was not the case for the Android Bootcamp. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and the pace was fast all the way through.

Jeff - Fusion Alliance

I am new to Apache, a lot to learn more than expected and I enjoyed it.

John - Northrop Grumman

I thought Sasa was very good; very technical and knows the subject very well.

Renato - Metro Vancouver

Sasa is a terrific instructor. the Course outline is very nice. The best training class I ever attended. Sasa was able to answer all questions, very clear mind and clear answers. All topics are covered in detail. Great job.

Jing - Agilent technologies

The class was very informative and interesting. We are in the process or implementing Tomcat with our CMS server. The information I wanted to learn was fully covered in this class. I would definitely recommend this class to my colleges.

Bruce - Randmcnally

Excellent Format of Training... Excellent trainer... Its nice learning from somebody that actually uses the software, not just read it from a book... Thank You

Brian - UC Davis

This was a great course. I really enjoyed learning what I did and I also enjoyed discussions with the instructor and would strongly recommend this course to anyone wishing to write applications for the android phone. Be prepared to work hard and learn a lot!

Ronald - Sandia National Labs

Overall though, Sasa did an excellent job in presenting the material and I do feel empowered to go and develop Android applications. I would definitely recommend this training to anyone interested in learning about Android.

David - HBO

fast pace, compressed learning.

Bastiaan - Intel Corporation

The class was great and I learned a lot about good programming practice and how to do things properly in Android. I'm glad that there was a book provided for reference later. Sasa was very helpful and did a good job explaining things.

Jon - Sandia National Labs