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Daniel Morrison has been teaching Ruby, Ruby on Rails courses since 2007. Not to mention helping some of the most advanced software teams across the U.S. with consulting projects within the Ruby and Rails space. Daniel brings his industry expertise from these real world projects to the training class. With a background in Computer Science, there's a good chance Daniel will start rambling on about Merge Sorts or Big Oh calculations. If you leave him alone, however, his fascination with code, databases, and APIs will kick in and he'll start programming.

Daniel founded Collective Idea in 2005 to put a name to his growing, and already full-time freelance work. He can usually be found (coffee in hand) staring into a tiny 15" digital world. He writes about code and other uninteresting things on his blog.

Check out this video of Daniel Morrison presenting at AppForum conference:


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[top] Student Testimonials

Fantastic class. The breath, depth and technical knowledge of the instructor was amazing. This class really solidified and expanded my understanding of the material.

Derek - Intuit

The class was well organized and we were fortunate to have an excellent instructor in Daniel. He was able to adjust the course work on the fly to meet the class's collective needs.

Michael - Medidata Solutions

Daniel is a great instructor. Great knowledge and skills and good attitude and humor.

Truong - Walt Disney Animation Studios

Great course. It was nice to have a teacher who USES this stuff on a day-to-day basis, instead of someone who's a professioanl training-course teacher with little real-world experience. Thanks Dan!

David - RIC International

Great course! Great instructor! Always a pleasure to learn from someone who uses Rails on a daily basis and is familiar with the development process and the community.
A great introduction to Rails.

Lee - JGI

This is one of the best training that I have been to (perhaps the best).

Sriram - New York Life Insurance Company

I really like including the ZenTest and testing capabilities during development. Powerful.

Kevin - Walt Disney Animation Studios

Daniel was very accommodating and great about touching more advanced topics on latest plugins and tools.

Simona - JGI

I learned great tips and I definitely got a better understanding of ruby and ruby on rails.

Marjorie - Yellowpages.com

The instructor was willing to revise the course to show examples of how he would solve some real problems

Jerry - Comcast Cable