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Blake is an engineer with more than 20 years of experience, much of it with Java. He's built systems as large as Amazon's massively scalable AutoScaling service and as small as a pre-Android OSS/Linux and Java based platform for cell-phones.

He's currently deep in Android. Blake is co-author of three books on Android, including O'Reilly's best-selling, "Programming Android" and the Wiley's upcoming "Enterprise Android".

Blake writes the popular and informative blog "Portable Droid"

Android Honeycomb Fragments:

Creating Large-Screen UIs for Android Devices

Blake Talks about Why He Loves Android


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It has been an excellent class so far. Very challenging as expected. The instructor has been amazing in his ability to effectively teach individuals with very diverse skill levels so they were able to meet their learning goals, work at their own pace, yet go through the entire content. His explanations are very clear. I am really enjoying the Yamba example as it goes step by step through the topics in a logical manner. A great jumpstart!

Susan - Columbia Medical