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Gordon Force leads NewCircle as CEO, and brings 25 years of experience as a developer, architect, director and instructor.

Gordon has taught over 50 training courses on technologies like Java, JBoss, JavaEE, Apache, and Spring and Hibernate.

Previously, Gordon led development and application support for ConnectPay and Encompass products at First Data Corporation. He is also a Certified Scrum Master, and holds a B.A. in Business Administration with Area of Concentration in Quantitative Economics.

Gordon's Behavior Driven Development Presentation


Java JBoss Apache Tomcat
JavaEE Spring Hibernate Web Services
Eclipse IDE Servlets and JSPs Ant Maven
Design Patterns Scrum Project Management Agile  

[top] Student Testimonials

I very much enjoyed this training. You explain the moving pieces very well, and though there is a lot of new stuff I was able to absorb as much as I possibly can. The step-by-step material is very clear in the presentation slides, and the explanation given during class about the step-by-step step helps reinforce understanding.

Danny - Comcast

The instructor was well organized and easy to understand. There was a wide range of topics that were well explained. We were able to spend more time on topics that were important to us. The instructor made sure that no one fell behind by using the breaks to help anyone out with any problems. Having the videos and all materials accessible via web was also a plus.
Great class! Thought it would be review, but I Learned a ton!

Ed - Comcast

Great insight into technologies. Instructor was very attentive and knowledgeable. I saw many questions (often related to broader technology) addressed by the instructor with satisfaction. Course material is simple to follow but easily related to complex projects.

Kirtesh - Cisco

Gordon is an excellent teacher, very professional, clear explanations and helpful in answering questions.
Course content was excellent. Instructor was knowledgeable and very responsive to questions.

Philip - Cisco

Exposed a lot of under-the-hood settings and how they are configured and implemented both for Apache and Tomcat...this has allowed me to walk through a lot of real-world testing scenarios. Very productive sessions, thank you.

Rommel - OpenText

The presentation was thorough and informative, and the written material was thorough as well. I was able to pick up some useful tips with regard to current best practices using Spring and Hibernate, and the end product from the class was a viable framework that can be used as a guide for future projects.

Jim - Comcast

Gordon is a fantastic instructor. He's clearly a well-experienced programmer and instructor. His real world experience is demonstrated by his ability to present complex topics in an understandable way. He also understands many of the challenges that developers face in a complex enterprise. I particularly enjoyed his explanations of the specific design patterns used for parts of the frameworks.

Jonathon - Cisco

Good class at a good pace. Lot of material to cover and I thought the instructor did a good job of emphasizing the more relevant topics.

Terry - Central Electric Power Cooperative

Gordon did an excellent job presenting a tremendously large amount of information. Gordon was great at keeping the material clear to understand and presenting how and why the topics are applied in real world situations. I would certainly come back for another class in the future.

Christopher - Thales

The course content is well-formed and well-presented. The code is relevant to modern use-cases, is organized well and easy to follow as it morphed from a servlet application into a spring application. Gordon's width of knowledge is excellent and he suitably answered all the questions put to him. In case he didn't know the answer right away, he took the time to research it and present it the next day. I have recommended the course and the instructor to my colleagues. Looking forward to more courses from NewCircle.

Amit - Cisco

Gordon was an excellent instructor. He provided a lot of insightful knowledge on setting up, running, and configuring Apache. He taught the course mainly from a Linux/Unix perspective, but also gave assistance to me when needed to be able to run Apache in a Windows environment. Apache can be very complex and tedious to setup in Linux/Unix and configure, but the course's content did a great job of providing examples and useful hands-on labs to help give the students a better understanding Apache.

Alex - ConocoPhillips

I appreciated the interactive nature of the class. The review questions each morning also helped to drive home the concepts from the previous day. The instructor was very knowledgable with this particular set of software, along with many other related topics. Having an instructor with many years of practical experience is important to me, so I'm glad we were able to have Gordon as our instructor.

Drew - Cisco

Gordon helped demystify the magic of Spring. The course had a ton of content. But, I feel that I can build a Spring app with confidence that it will be built more correctly than by merely googling alone.

Cris - Comcast