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He is an experienced developer and has spent a majority of his career building large-scale online applications at Accenture and at several Web-centric consulting firms. He now specializes in training Java developers to be more productive by using the latest technologies and frameworks. Jim has provided training for Fortune 500 companies and large private and governmental organizations including Knight Ridder Newspapers and the State of Wisconsin. He lectures extensively throughout the United States and Canada. He is also the author of "Dojo: Using the Dojo JavaScript Library to Build Ajax Applications".


Java JavaEE Spring Eclipse IDE

[top] Student Testimonials

Jim was a great instructor, very patient and able to skillfully answer any question that was asked of him.

Bruce - Fox Networks

Jim did a very good job, I got what I expected from the class.

Urban - Esri

Excellent course

Jun - eBay

The instructor was an absolute expert and knew his subject well. He knew where to draw the line between his own opinion and downright good practice. Following this class, I feel motivated to develop my own android app.

Kade - Fox Networks

The class is very organized. And the instructor is very responsive and cares for students' needs.

Xueming - Esri, Inc.