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Ken Jones has thousands of in-class hours teaching advanced technical topics, and over 20 years experience in technical training and documentation targeted towards software developers. Ken has delivered training to various software development teams within the Fortune 1000 such as Cisco, Intel, IBM, Boeing, AT&T, Ericsson/Nokia, and many more. Ken's expertise spans multiple areas of software development; he has trained teams in Java, Javascript, Android, and advanced web development with HTML, CSS, and XML.

Ken is recognized world-wide as a Tcl/Tk expert. He is co-author of Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk, 4th ed. and Tcl and the Tk Toolkit, 2nd ed., which are regarded as the authoritative resources for the Tcl/Tk language. Ken was lead instructor at Scriptics, where he worked with John Ousterhout, the creator of Tcl, and other key developers of the Tcl language including Jeff Hobbs and Brent Welch.

Ken also worked for companies including Borland, Silicon Graphics, and Sybase where he specialized in products for creating graphical user interfaces and for providing database connectivity. Ken enjoys learning new programming languages, and has worked in almost a dozen over the course of his career. (He fondly recalls some projects in FORTH.) Ken holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Economics from Regents College in New York and a Master of Business Administration from San Jose State University.

Ken's presentation from Android Open 2011:


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HTML Android Tcl  

[top] Student Testimonials

All great!!! You ROCK!!!

Ricardo - Samtec

I rarely had such an excellent presentation/course seen in the past - on all aspects! The presenter and his thorough knowledge on the theme together with his presentation skills but also the material handed out

Christian - Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Great class, Ken did a great job teaching the subject matter. I am happy with what I've learned and hope to get a start on an app soon.

Ken - Cisco

On a practical level, it solidified a lot of floating ideas in my head into a system of parts that fit together. His presentation of the process and how the application components reside in the process was very helpful. I feel confident that I can now makes applications that are robust and long-running.

Dwayne - Indesign, LLC

I really like the course. I learned all of the major components to android development and would definitely recommend this course.

Alex - Guardian Medical Logistics

I really thought the instructor was excellent. He kept the students focused on his lecture and answered all questions. His communication and presentation skills were very good.

Anna - Intel Corporation

Ken did a great job of explaining the material and covering topics of interest.

Joel - Motorola Solutions, Inc.

This course was great. Ken was excellent. As someone without a developer background it was a bit difficult for me to keep up with the concepts at times, despite taking a Java for Android preparatory class beforehand. However, I feel well prepared to continue to learning Android and the Java development language. Thanks!

Justin - Cisco

Ken went above and beyond to ensure that our environment was functioning correctly and spent time outside of class developing demo apps to answer our questions. He demonstrated unlimlited patience and persistence in helping us whenever we fell behind or got stuck on the lesson.

Mary - US Army

I had to miss portions of the course and appreciated the code snapshots that were zipped up. It allowed me to instantly catch up with the coding exercises.

Doug - Boston Scientific Corp.

I loved the training because of the "update-to-date"-"latest-and-greatest" information surrounding the Android OS as well as how to code it fast and effortlessly in Eclipse.

Gregory - Cisco

Ken is highly knowledgeable in the subject area and gave very concise explanations. His teaching style kept me engaged and gave me all the tools I'll need to continue learning android development. I also picked up a ton of best practices. Overall I found the course to be exactly what I needed!
Great course. I wish you did a follow on course. As for topics for that, just allow participants to email you their topics & problems.
This was an excellent Android training experience. It was exactly the right mix of hands-on training and discussion. Ken is very engaging and knowledgeable. I appreciated his comments and suggestions alongside the training material.

Stephen - Wells Fargo

Excellent class, thank you!

Achod - Intel Corporation

it's fast, but liked it. lots of material and L10N/I18N topic as well.

Yoshiyasu - IT-Flex-GLS

Can't wait to try out my new skills!

Kent - TapLogic

Ken is very professional and has the patience of a saint. His knowledge of the material is excellent and his willingness to answer questions made the course very enjoyable. I would also like to mention the facility was good and I liked that it was close to the train station. I highly recommend this course.
Ken probably saved me hours of debugging by explaining a lot of undocumented Android sdk details.

Diana - Intel Corporation

The attendees came into the class with very mixed expectations about the scope, but Ken did a good job of trying to address both beginner and advanced topics in a limited amount of time. Was very impressed at his willingness to put in extra work and adapt the course to our needs on the fly!

Andrew - Cisco

Ken Jones knows his stuff. I asked a question one morning, and the answer included two prewritten sample applications illustrating exactly my question. His pacing is excellent, and the way he steps through things encourages good habits. He not only taught about android, but also how to continue learning about the subject.

Michael - Ricoh Innovations, Inc.

The course was very informative and the instructor was excellent. Ken Jones is perhaps the finest instructor I've ever had the pleasure of receiving a training session from. His energy is very effervescent, his knowledge is impressively extensive, and he's great at instantly coming up with analogies and examples to clarify points in students' minds.

Matt - RSA Security

This course was very informative. It took 1 project and incorporated the main parts of Android and the instructor made it easy to understand. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Android development. Its better than reading books!!
Great overall course for Android development. Not going to make me an expert overnight, but definitely pointed me in the right direction to get up and running. Great Job Ken! You know your stuff.

Spencer - Student

I was impressed by Ken's deep knowledge of the Android API's and core functionality. He is clearly familiar with many aspects of the device. Ken was easy to understand and follow throughout the training. I have programmed Android for several months and Ken was able to help bring clarity to the work that I have already done. Thanks!

Nathan - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Ken is truly an amazing instructor. He is not only knowledgeable but he makes the class fun. To my surprise, after 8 hours of training I feel refreshed instead of tired. Facilities and the training setup is also excellent.

Berna - Ricoh

I was REALLY impressed that Ken Jones, the instructor is really an industry veteran--not just a kid who has been doing this for a few years. He can do this stuff in his sleep! Not only that, but he is really skilled at teaching and is personable. I felt that I got personalized attention when I needed it, and left feeling like I was armed with a new skill set!

Mary - Self Employed

I think the class was excellent.

John - Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Ken Jones is a strong Java instructor and is able to explain the good and bad aspects of Java.

Rob - RSA The Security Division of EMC

Overall, the lessons were very helpful and the material (Android book) proved to be an excellent learning resource. The instructor did encourage our feedback continuously, his delivery was generally superb, and his depth of knowledge was impressive.

Juan - Polytechnic University