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Renée draws upon experience from a variety of projects, from high energy physics simulation to financial forecasting models, to provide key expertise for her clients in the areas of business intelligence and software development. As a business consultant, she utilized her background in computer science and economics to create innovative solutions for leading organizations in the telecommunications, aerospace, and high tech industries. As an expert in agile development and a technical leader in the Ruby on Rails software community, she co-founded Seattle RailsBridge and frequently presents at both domestic and international Ruby conferences.


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I've really enjoyed taking this class, it's what I expected from an advanced class. The instructor, Renee was very knowledgeable about the materials that she presented. She answered all questions by giving good examples. I really like the class exercises especially the code retreat, they're applicable to the real world. I would recommend this class to my colleagues.

Nghia - Opower

Good content, and each day was better than the last.

Jackie - Opower

I thought this course was really well done. The instructors were knowledgeable about the subject matter, very good at thinking on their feet, and good at teaching. I really admired their ability to explain concepts clearly and concisely as well as their ability to live-code in front of a class -- both tall orders!

Lisa - Opower

I think the course was great. The instructor was very knowledgable and patient. I think this was definitely worth my time. The exercises were all very relevant and interesting. I also appreciated the hard push for TDD. I wish we had taken this course a year ago.

John - Opower