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Rick has been a freelance software engineer since he graduated in the early 2000's. He has worked in the UK and America both as a freelance consultant and as a freelance developer. He is a very passionate and seasoned full stack developer, specializing in advanced front end user interface(UI) and user experience(UX).

Having worked as lead CSS3/HTML5 developer for a start up in the Bay area, Rick has bleeding edge experience in ensuring extremely complex systems have simple to use and intuitive interfaces.

Having worked with nearly all web technologies over the last decade he believes that there is no one size fits all technology. However, he is an advocate for using open source wherever possible and admittedly has an affinity for curly brackets.

Rick has a passion for CSS and UX. You will also often find him talking about JavaScript being a 'real' language, or that JavaScript on the server is “what the world has been missing”.

Between hitting up Las Vegas on the weekends and playing Magic the Gathering with his other coder friends, Rick is currently developing amongst other apps; a real-time unified social network for the trade show industry based in Las Vegas and a bidding platform for a crowdfunding app based in San Francisco.

Styling HTML5 Form Validation Messages with CSS3


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Rick Hurst is scheduled to teach the following classes:

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HTML5 Bootcamp Jun 2 - Jun 12 Online Classroom 1

[top] Student Testimonials

Very good introduction course and instructor. The instructor answered all the questions during the course and all the main topics in the program were covered. The only recommendation would be to try making the course more agile by enforcing that everybody has a similar starting knowledge level.

Jair - Intel Corporation

Great sessions. Rick is such a good trainer, very skilled on the topic.

Yared - Intel Corporation

I think it's quite a good class, interactive and the teacher keeps your attention (not easy in a web class). Very well done.

T - Intel Corporation

Rick is an outstanding instructor. I have never been on any training this nicely done. The training with hands-on work generally loses its touch as we go in depth of the subject. But it was not the case with this training. The training from Rick only got more and more interesting as days passed. It was so interactive that it did not feel virtual at all! I have already recommended my other team members to go and get enlisted for this class.

Rashmi - Intel

course is highly recommended and also the instructor I would like to enroll in a second part course of this topic with the same instructor if possible

Miguel - Intel Corporation

Perfect handling and explanation of topics. He showed a total knowledge of the subjects and explained them perfectly. 10/10 :)

Jose - Intel Corporation

Rick is a great teacher, really good at propelling the course forward while addressing individuals at different levels' concerns.

Shailie - Intel Corporation

I feel extremely confident our team will be able to produce quality solutions using what we were introduced to in this class. Thanks Rick!

Richard - Intel Corporation

Enjoyed this class! I was definitely a beginner with HTML but after taking this course I learned so much and feel excited about going forth and using the learnings!! Thanks Rick!!

Virginia - Intel Corporation

Very knowledgeable and pleasant instructor. Appreciated his teaching techniques a lot! I learned a lot in class. HTML5 - markup, css3 and javascript. Great examples from Rick. After completing each lab session, actually felt like I accomplished something. I also learned where to look for more information if/when I actually use what I learned in the class for real projects, which is very important to me.

PremAnand - Intel Corporation

Great course! Awesome instructor! Well structured and excellent hands-on lab sessions.

Dipanjan - Intel Corporation

Great instructor! I really liked the approach and being on time and using the WebEx chat window...

Theresa - Intel Corporation

Loved the interactive nature of the class & also the thoroughness of technical knowledge of the instructor Rick!

Prashant - Intel Corporation

Excellent class, tons of useful information. Hands-on exercises were very fun and educating. Instructor was by far one of the best instructors I have had in my many years of training classes. Virtual environment did not hinder the instructor or material in any way.

Josh - Intel Corporation

The web sharing tools -- but more specifically the way that Rick used them -- made the class very convenient and effective. Rick has a great knack for encouraging participation and learning, which can be difficult with remote training. I would definitely take a class in this format again, and especially from Rick.

Matt - Intel Corporation

Rick's an amazing instructor. He's pleasant, informative, clear, and thorough. I really enjoyed the in depth look at the programmatic APIs of HTML5.

Saif - LinkedIn

Liked that Rick was very structured, he was always on time, did not waste time by waiting on people. Like that the class is online, also that it is only in the morning so I can work in the afternoon. Class covered a lot of great information, learnt a lot and had fun with the labs.

Csilla - Intel Corporation

This was an excellent introduction to HTML5, giving a great view of not only why you would want to use it, but also the many different technologies which support and underpin it. Just the right amount of detail for a half day.

Alastair - Cisco

Good pace. Riveting material. Instructor demonstrated a solid technical background and a professional demeanor in instructing the course. The usefulness of the material was actually very good to learn--I've been actively applying most of the material I've been learning throughout my development projects.

James - Intel Corporation

I thought Rick did a great job teaching this class. This was a virtual class and so I was skeptical that it would be a good environment for learning, but the way he taught the class was very easy to learn. Also, I had a good amount of HTML5/JavaScript experience and wasn't sure how much new stuff I would learn. I came out of the class very satisfied as I learned a lot of new things. I also liked the order that the taught things because they each built on the previous in a logical way.

Joseph - Intel Corporation

This was definitely a great investment of my time.

Will - Tools and Infrastructure

I really enjoyed the class, It was very fluid, the instructor was prepared and the topics was very focused and clear.

Sergio - Intel Corporation

Great way to handle the course, from very basic to advance topics. Challenging Labs, great ones for a bootcamp.

Pablo - Intel Corporation

This was one of the most enjoyable training courses I've ever taken. The class exercises were relevant yet at the same time fun to do. Especially valuable was the advice on best coding and design practices.

Paul - Intel Corporation

The instructor knew the concepts very well, He kept the class engaging. Over all it was a very good training..

Lakshman - Intel Corporation

The labs really worked! I learnt a lot by doing them and now have the confidence to continue learning on my own. So thanks for getting us started on this journey.

Harish - Intel Corporation

Thank you Rick! I really really enjoyed the class. I liked everything, the methodology, the resources, practices, your answers to our questions. I learned a lot of things in this two weeks, and like fell in love with HTML5. I'd like to give you my personal thanks for everything you did for us, and the excellent teacher you are.

Rafael - Intel Corporation

Rick Hurst's class on HTML5 was an excellent introduction to the technology. He covered a vast array of topics and touched on fine nuances and pitfalls on each. He also provided links to excellent resources and tools to further my learning. I would highly recommend this class to my colleagues.

Padmini - Intel Corporation