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Simeon has been been a software developer for a decade and a half with expertise in many old and annoying technologies like Visual Basic, Delphi, Perl and PHP. In 2007 while working as the lead developer for a web design firm he discovered Python and liked it so much he quit his job to use it!

Since then his career as a developer has been particularly focused on "big data" web applications but Python and Django have remained his favorite tools of choice.

For the last two years Simeon has been an expert instructor for Marakana, creating and teaching Python, Django, and client side Javascript courses for developers at technology giants like Cisco, Intel, and Facebook. He can be found hanging out and organizing the Python Community in the Bay Area at Baypiggies or SF Python Meetup and you can follow him on twitter @simeonfranklin or on his blog at



Simeon is always updating his blog with new examples and useful resources so be sure to check back regularly. He has presented at Baypiggies several times and you can take a glimpse at some of his recent presentations by clicking the links below:

Python Tools

Fixing Django with 3rd Party Apps

Python Code Quality Tools

*NOTE: All presentations can be launched by hitting your spacebar.

Videos with Simeon

Simeon presents a few best practices for getting started with Django.


Checkout a screencast from a Python class Simeon delivered at Marakana.


Simeon delivered a talk to a class of computer science students at University of San Francisco with the goal of setting them up with a good foundation for starting Python web development with Django.


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[top] Student Testimonials

Simeon is a great instructor.

Jaskirat - Mulesoft

Labs = great! I wanted more of them, and more time to do them, at every step of the way. It makes it easier to learn that way. Simeon is SUPER knowledgeable with Python AND many other languages, which is great because he can compare and contrast them. He now only knows teaches the syntax and language, but how to use it efficiently. I was a bit under the learning level, not having programmed before like most everyone else in the class, so I felt like I was constantly having to catch up, but I still learned a LOT and highly recommend this class for programmers fluent in Java or C or such that want to learn Python as well. Take this and you will be off and running!

Chris - Bank of the west

Excellent class. I definitely learned a lot. Instructor was extremely knowledgable material. He presented the material very well. I feel like I understood about 99% of things that were presented. Simeon was very enthusiastic about helping the students with labs and explaining things that they did not completely understand.

Brian - Morpho Detection Inc.

Simeon is very knowledgeable and instrumental. With my limited in high-level programming, I can easily follow the teaching and be able to do what I was expecting. Hope a more advanced class can be made available as the follow-up to this. This class is good for the beginners with mostly hardware design experience. I recommend it to all the hardware engineers who would like to automate their work with some sort of easy-to-use programming language.

Yim - N/A

Simeon was great.

Danny - Schwab

Simeon is a great instructor, he really knows Python, and can explain complex topics so even those new to Python can grasp them.

Tim -