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Wolfram Arnold, Ph.D. is a seasoned software professional with 17 years of experience and has been working on consumer web applications in Ruby-on-Rails since 2006. He has co-founded RubyFocus, a Ruby-on-Rails consulting and recruiting firm where he engages in his passion of championing viable, and long-term sustainable software development practices for his clients, including TDD/BDD (test-driven development), Rails best practices & conventions, performance profiling and scalability optimization.

Wolf learned the ropes on Rails while working on a project at Pivotal Labs in the winter of 2006/07 and has been an active member of the Rails community ever since. Prior to discovering Rails, Wolf was working in C++ on commercial server applications in Silicon Valley and, before that, on high-performance numerical simulations in solid state physics at Los Alamos National Lab and the University of Oregon. He holds a Ph.D. in physics and used to teach undergraduate physics classes as a graduate student.

Wolf speaks English, German, French and Spanish and currently lives in San Francisco.


C++ Ruby Ajax Rails
OOP Design Patterns MySQL Scrum Project Management
Agile Project Management    

[top] Student Testimonials

I thought Wolf was a great teacher...

Paul - G5

Wolf was an excellent instructor who demonstrated a vast array of knowledge with TDD tools. He was able to work across different personalities in the group and bring them together, no small feat! The training extended well beyond the materials and Wolf was able to orchestrate themes and present ideas in a clear fashion.

Chris - G5 Search Marketing

Can we hire Wolf? :)

Dan - MacArthur Foundation

Wolf is a very capable instructor who really knows the material well. He took the time to understand our needs both as an organization and as individuals, and adjusted the course content appropriately. He was able to coach some of our novice team members through the basics while still covering more advanced topics for those of us who already have TDD experience. My only disappointment is that we didn't have more time to cover writing user stories.

Maeve - G5 Search Marketing

Wolf is a very talented person; not just a trainer, but you can also tell he is practicing what he is teaching. Excellent.

Frank - MacArthur Foundation

I think it was overall a very good speed given the wide range of experience(s) in the group.

Aaron - G5

Students' questions were answered and other details during breaks were shared to the class right after the break. The instructor is knowledgeable in various tools (Ruby, etc.) covered in class.

Noreen - General Dynamics

Wolf was very patient with our questions and concerns with RoR. He insured our questions/concerns were answered. He was very knowledgeable and very impress. Other instructors from other companies can only cover material and answer questions based upon slides , but Wolf was able to answer and code beyond what was being presented. There was not one question he was not able to answer which is a first for me where an instructor was not stump by a question.

Ryan - MacArthur Foundation

Wolf is great. By the end of the week he felt like part of our team.

Rob - G5 Search Marketing