HTML5 JavaScript on Crack - HTML5 Dev Conf

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In this video from HTML5 Dev Conf, Kyle Simpson, author of HTML5 Cookbook is going to get you hooked on HTML5 and JavaScript crack. Below is his description of his talk:

Are you tired of little toy examples for individual HTML5/JS features? I am. So I set out to create a single app that weaves together all the most powerful JavaScript features of HTML5 (and friends!). What I built is an real-time, multi-player, cooperative/competitive game called "We Puzzle It!". This talk will show the code and motivations behind the game, illustrating practical uses for the various advanced HTML5 JavaScript APIs. 

Topics include:

  • Web sockets
  • Web workers
  • Canvas
  • Drag & Drop
  • Local file access
  • Audio/Video
  • History
  • Localstorage/sessionstorage


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Posted on Jun 1, 2012
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I really enjoyed this, I thought it was very well presented and covered a lot of important ground.