Learn How to Unit Test Your Android Application (with Robolectric)

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Hey Guys,

Did you make it to the San Francisco Android User Group meetup on Oct. 26, 2010? In-case you didn't, or you'd just like to revisit Tyler's presentation on Robolectric, below are the video and slides from the event.

In this video, Tyler Schultz, from Pivotal Labs, introduces you to Robolectric - an open source unit testing framework that makes it possible to run unit tests against your Android application code outside of the emulator - in the IDE.

The presentation starts with a brief intro from Sasa Gagenta on testing with JUnit , before Tyler takes over to show you how Robolectric can make testing for your Android apps much less painful.

A few points Tyler covers :
  • Testing Approaches and Alternatives
  • How Robolectric works
  • How to extend Robolectric

Here's the video:

...and here are the slides:

If you're interested, check out a few pics that Sasa snapped at the event. And remember, you can get more educational videos on open source at TechTV.


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