Training Categories

Agile Training

Our Scrum Training Course focuses on the fundamentals of lean principles and agility. Whether you're brand new to Scrum, or have been practicing for some time, this course will level-set your team's understanding of iterative and incremental software development, teaching your team best practices to collaborate and achieve higher goals.


Android Training

NewCircle's Android Training was originally developed by Marko Gargenta as the first commercial Android training class. We have since trained developers, around the globe, from some of the leading phone manufacturers and software companies. As the Android platform gains more momentum, NewCircle continues to evolve and adapt its Android training program.



Apache Training

Apache is the most popular web server in use today. It is the reference platform against which other web servers are judged and designed. Developed and maintained by an open community of developers under the auspices of the Apache Software Foundation. Apache is primarily used to serve static and dynamic content on the World Wide Web. Many web applications are designed expecting the environment and features that Apache provides.

Apache is the web server component of the popular LAMP (Linux, MySql, Apache, PHP/Perl/Python) web server application stack.

NewCircle specializes in open-source training for corporations and governments. We provide Apache HTTPD and Apache Tomcat classes in our San Francisco training facility on a monthly basis. We also travel all over the world and train teams of developers and administrators.


Cassandra Training

Originally created by the Apache Software Foundation, the Cassandra database allows for scalability and high availability without compromising performance. In this three day course for enterprise clients, we focus on covering as much technical knowledge about Cassandra as possible.


Dart Training

Interested in building modern web apps? A new Google-backed platform for scalable web app engineering, Dart is a language with libraries, tools, and compilation to JavaScript. Whether you want a 3 day course, or a half-day introduction, NewCircle has the right curriculum to get you up and running!


Erlang Training

Erlang is a programming language used to build massively scalable soft real-time systems with requirements on high availability. Some of its uses are in telecoms, banking, e-commerce, computer telephony and instant messaging. Erlang's runtime system has built-in support for concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance.

It was designed by Ericsson to support distributed, fault-tolerant, soft-real-time, non-stop applications. It supports hot swapping, so that code can be changed without stopping a system.

While threads require external library support in most languages, Erlang provides language-level features for creating and managing processes with the aim of simplifying concurrent programming. Though all concurrency is explicit in Erlang, processes communicate using message passing instead of shared variables, which removes the need for locks.


Git Training

Git, one of the best ways to collaborate with others on development, has become the standard for versioning source code. Our training shows you how you can implement Git for your every day software development process and demonstrates many of the problems that learning Git can solve.


Hadoop Training

Our fast-paced, vendor agnostic, technical overviews of the Hadoop landscape are designed for those who want to understand the emerging world of Big Data.


HTML5 Training

HTML5 is the next major milestone in HTML and it is not just another incremental enhancement; it represents an enormous advance for modern web applications. HTML5 is such a big step forward that it prompted Vic Gundotra, VP of Engineering at Google, to say "The web has not seen this level of transformation, this level of acceleration, in the past ten years… we're betting big on HTML5."

NewCircle offers a full set of HTML5 training, from 2-day HTML5 course to HTML5 Mobile Modules, all the way to HTML5 Bootcamp covering all the major modules in a 4-day course.


iOS Training

Whether it's getting started with Objective-C, or programming apps for the enterprise, our iOS classes introduce you to the fundamentals and best practices of development for this popular mobile operating system.


IPv6 Training

We have a variety of trainings in IPv6, each tailored to fit your specific needs, geared towards IPv6 developers, business executives, managers, network administrators, network operators, system administrators, and more.

Learn the fundamentals, how your business can transition, and why it will be important in the coming years.


Java Training

Our team of experts and vetted courseware has, in the past few years, helped train thousands of developers in the Java language.

Why should you trust us with your Java needs? First off, we eat our own dog food, our site is written in Java, using Spring and Hibernate frameworks, running on the Apache Tomcat application server. We practice what we preach.


JavaScript Training

We teach a range and variety of JavaScript Trainings. Whether you're just getting started, or you're looking for specific trainings in Angular, Ember, or Backbone, we have the right course to get you or your team up to speed.


JBoss Training

JBoss is an open source, cross-platform Java EE-based application server. It is usable on any operating system that supports Java.

Our team has been training developers and administrators in J2EE platforms since the late 1990s, and give your team the kind of real-world experience needed to get up to speed and coding.


jQuery Training

jQuery is one of the most simple and popular cross-browser libraries for JavaScript out there, capable of building extremely rich yet elegant web UIs.

Our trainings range between two and three days, can be specified for the web or mobile, and can be as high-level or dialed in as you would like. What do you or your team need to learn? We can help.


Management Training

Programming and System Administration is not the the whole picture of the Information Industry. Managing IT projects requires some generic business skills and some IT-specific training.

NewCircle IT Management training courses are designed for IT managers who have deadline and budgetary responsibilities and also manage a team of developers.


Mobile Training

Share your applications with the world via mobile! Our mobile training gets you up to speed with a fast-paced introduction to PhoneGap, the Adobe service that packages uses HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.


NoSQL Training

Check out our single day training for people interested in diving into the world of NoSQL and Big Data. Introductions to NoSQL, Hadoop, MongoDB, and Neo4J are all covered, including a look into what we can expect from the future.


OpenStack Training

Our trainings in OpenStack get you up to speed on how to build modern web applications, that can serve millions of users, via open source tools. Depending on whether you are interested in application architectures with OpenStack, or the cloud in general, we can tailor a curriculum that suits you and your team's needs.


Python Training

Python is a powerful dynamic programming language used for a variety of applications including web development, automated testing, and even pharmaceuticals. Python is often compared to Tcl, Perl, Ruby, Scheme or Java.

NewCircle's Python Training is a set of courses designed for novice programmers, as well as experienced developers, just getting into this new language and platform.


Ruby Training

Our comprehensive Ruby courses range from 2-day introductions, designed to get you up and writing code with confidence, to week-long workshops that dive into the details of the Ruby and Rails environments.


Scala Training

We offer several, comprehensive, courses in Scala. In addition to general introductions and fast track options, ranging from two to five days, we have specialty courses for tools like Akka. Talk to us to see how your team can utilize this functional programming and scripting language to build complex, scalable, applications.


Testing Training

Testing is an important aspect of any team's effective workflow. Whether it’s Selenium, JNuit, or TestNG, our instructors will instill in your team the best practices they’ll need to test products efficiently and productively.