JBoss Training Courses

JBoss is an open source, cross-platform Java EE-based application server. It is usable on any operating system that supports Java.

Our team has been training developers and administrators in J2EE platforms since the late 1990s, and give your team the kind of real-world experience needed to get up to speed and coding.

JBoss Training Courses

JavaEE Bootcamp Training Course

Our Java EE Bootcamp training is a must-have for anyone who wants to learn how to develop enterprise Java applications. It is delivered on a JBoss™Application Server, but is relevent to any major Java EE platform.

By the end of this example-packed, lab-driven course, you will become proficient in Java EE specifications, APIs, semantics, development, as well as JBoss AS deployments, architecture, administration, tuning, security, high-availability + scalability, and best practices. 

This course is based on Java EE 6 and JBoss 7.

JBoss Administration Training Course

The JBoss™ Training course covers the JBoss Administration. You will learn the details of setting up, configuring, and fine-tuning JBoss application server.

Participants in JBoss Training will learn the details of JBoss architecture, steps involved in setting up the application server, basic deployments, production installation and deployment issues, tuning and monitoring, securing the services and clustering.

This course is based on the latest JBoss Application Server version 7.0, though it also covers differences from the previous versions of the server (specifically v5.0 and v6.0).

JBoss Application Server version 7.0 features many improvements over previous releases, such as centralized configuration management, easier administration, modular core and class loading, parallel deployment, improved startup times, and many new features.

JBoss Application Server version 7.0 implements Java Enterprise Edition 6 Web Profile, and includes the preview of Java Enterprise Edition 6 Full Profile.