JBoss™ Administration Training Course

Course Summary

The JBoss™ Training course covers the JBoss Administration. You will learn the details of setting up, configuring, and fine-tuning JBoss application server.

Participants in JBoss Training will learn the details of JBoss architecture, steps involved in setting up the application server, basic deployments, production installation and deployment issues, tuning and monitoring, securing the services and clustering.

This course is based on the latest JBoss Application Server version 7.0, though it also covers differences from the previous versions of the server (specifically v5.0 and v6.0).

JBoss Application Server version 7.0 features many improvements over previous releases, such as centralized configuration management, easier administration, modular core and class loading, parallel deployment, improved startup times, and many new features.

JBoss Application Server version 7.0 implements Java Enterprise Edition 6 Web Profile, and includes the preview of Java Enterprise Edition 6 Full Profile.



Duration [top]

4 days.

Objectives [top]

Upon completion of our JBoss Training course, you will be able to:

  • Explain how JBoss relates to Java EE (J2EE) and compares to other application servers
  • Install and setup JBoss on both Windows and UNIX-type environments
  • Deploy, support, and troubleshoot applications on JBoss
  • Navigate JBoss' directory structure
  • Understand JBoss architecture, modular class loader, boot process, configuration files 
  • Effectively monitor and manage JBoss via administrative consoles, both CLI and Web
  • Understand the structure and configuration of Java EE components and applications
  • Secure JBoss and applications running on it
  • Set up JBoss for SSL
  • Tune JBoss's performance
  • Explore different load-balancing and high-availability (HA) strategies with JBoss (clustering, sticky sessions, smart-proxies, etc.)
  • Trouble-shoot deployment, classloading, security, performance, and scalability issues

Audience [top]

IntermediateOur JBoss Training course is for web and application server administrators who need to be able to install, configure, run, and tune the JBoss Application Server.

Often, Java EE developers attend this course to learn how to take advantage of JBoss' infrastructure and services.

Prerequisites [top]

To get the most benefit from this JBoss Training course, you should be familiar with the basic principles of web/application server administration.

Additionally, prior exposure to any of these concepts can be helpful:

  • Basic rules of XML (i.e., being able to edit XML files)
  • HTTP protocol (i.e., the stateless nature of HTTP, the need for sessions, HTTP methods, SSL, etc.)
  • Java environments (e.g., memory settings, automatic garbage collection, JDBC)
  • Other Java EE (J2EE) application servers and basic concepts behind Java EE Applications

Please note that all these concepts are covered in the class.

Instructors [top]


Doug Bateman is the Director of Training at NewCircle, where he oversees the quality and direction of NewCircle’s training offerings.

Doug has delivered over 100 corporate trainings on technologies including Java, Spring, Hibernate, Python, and Android and draws from over 15 years of experience as a professional software architect.

Previously Doug was the director of professional services for The Middleware Company, responsible for training, consulting, and new course development. Some of his notable projects and customers include Cisco, Hotwire.com, HSBC Bank, NASA, and the Florida State water management system.

In his spare time, Doug enjoys sailing and snowboarding.

More about Doug Bateman...

Outline [top]

Java EE

  • Overview of Java EE (a.k.a. J2EE)
  • Java EE vs. other Web technologies
  • Java EE 6 standards/specifications/semantics
  • Java EE 6 and JBoss


  • About JBoss
  • Community vs Enterprise Edition
  • JBoss AS7 Highlights
  • JBoss AS7 Architecture
  • Domain vs Standalone Mode


  • Getting and Installing Java
  • Configuring Java
  • Getting JBoss AS
  • Installing JBoss AS

Directory Structure

  • Exploring and Explaining JBoss AS Directory Structure
    • bin, bundles, docs, domain, modules, welcome-content, standalone
  • Exploring 'bin' script directory
  • Exploring 'domain' and 'standalone' directory
  • Exploring 'modules' directory

JBoss Configuration

  • Exploring standalone.xml configuration file
  • Exploring domain.xml and host.xml configuration files

Managing JBoss Lifecycle

  • Starting and Stopping JBoss AS7 in Standalone Mode
  • Starting and Stopping JBoss AS7 in Domain Mode
  • Stopping and Restarting JBoss AS7 Instances
  • JVM Processes in Standalone Mode
  • JVM Processes in Domain Mode
  • JVisualVM Tool

Deploying Applications

  • Deployment descriptors and JBoss AS7 deployments
  • Deployment artifacts - WAR and EAR files
  • Deploying applications in Standalone Mode using Automatic and Manual deployment
  • Deploying applications in Domain Mode using CLI and Web Admin console


  • Web container and JBoss Web configuration
  • Web deployment descriptors
  • JBoss specific web deployment descriptors
  • JBoss Web Connectors


  • JNDI in Java EE 6
  • JNDI on JBoss AS7
  • Migrating to JBoss AS7


  • Configuring JavaMail on JBoss AS7

JBoss Messaging and JMS

  • JMS Overview
  • JMS Architecture
  • Configuring HornetQ (JBoss Messaging)

Database Integration

  • Defining resource references
  • Installing JDBC drivers in JBoss AS7
  • Configuring datasources in JBoss AS7


  • Overview of EJB 3.x
  • Stateless and Stateful Session Beans, Interceptors, Message-driven Beans
  • New EJBs in Java EE 6
  • Configuring EJB Container in JBoss AS7


  • Overview of WebServices
  • JBoss and JAX-WS
  • JBoss and WebServices Tools

JMX and Admin Console

  • JBoss Admin Console
  • Overview of JMX
  • JMX Control from JConsole
  • JBoss CLI Admin Console


  • Securing web applications
  • Securing management interface on JBoss AS7
  • Securing JBoss AS7 with SSL
  • Configuring JBoss AS7 Login Modules

Class Loading

  • Class Namespace Isolation
  • Classloading in Java EE
  • Classloading in JBoss AS7
  • JBoss Deployment Structure
  • Defining Modules in JBoss AS7

Tuning JBoss Performance

  • JVM Tuning and GC Optimization
  • JBoss Web Tuning
  • JMS Tuning
  • RMI/EJB Tuning
  • Log4J Tuning
  • Tuning other JBoss services

High Availability and Scalability

  • High-availability
  • Configuring JBoss AS to work with Apache HTTP Server
  • Clustering on JBoss AS7
  • Managing Session Affinity
  • Managing Session Replication

Additional Notes [top]

About The Platform

Our JBoss Training course can be taught on both Windows and UNIX/Linux-type environments. The instructor covers both options during the training.


JBoss™ is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc. NewCircle, Inc. may have no affiliation with Red Hat, Inc.

Student Testimonials [top]

First of all, I thought Sasa did an excellent job. He provided enough technical detail to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. I really enjoyed the way he was able to cover a topic in detail but at the same time provide a high level overview. Finally, I would highly recommend the instructor and the course for Java programmers who are serious about learning the internals not just superficially but really in depth! Great job! Please keep up the great work.
Sasa was an excellent instructor.

Stephen - WDIG

The course was well put together. Some training courses don't plan out the Labs very well but this course did a great job of setting up clean well-defined labs that stayed on-point to the topic at hand. The instructor was extremely well prepared to teach the class as well as other parallel topics outside the scope of this course.

Brett - Walt Disney Animation Studios

Neven was a great instructor and I really enjoyed the systematic approach to teaching about the different components of jboss. Overall the course was very informative. I feel very comfortable going back to work with the knowledge i have gained about Jboss. I still have more to learn, but i feel this was an excellent start , and gave me the knowledge i need to find my own answers to more difficult issues within administering Jboss in the future.

Ryan - APC by Schneider Electric

Great teacher and Great Class. Never had such detailed class in 4 days. Thanks a lot I learned a ton of basics as well. Lunch provisioning is very creative.

Dinesh - Adobe Systems, Inc.

Excellent instructor.

Jason - Walt Disney Internet Group

Sasa is a terrific instructor. the Course outline is very nice. The best training class I ever attended. Sasa was able to answer all questions, very clear mind and clear answers. All topics are covered in detail. Great job.

Jing - Agilent technologies

IIt was a great class, however it was extremly fast. Defrag your brain before you take this class. Your going to need a lot of space for it.

Brad - State of Montana

Awesome Class would definitely attend another!

Edward - Razorstream, LLC

Sasa knew his stuff and was able to answer all the questions he was being hit with. He did not preach the material to us but made sure we understood the whys of what was being taught. I wouldn't mind coming back for additional training or even having onsite setup.

Aliza - American Student Assistance