Linux Training Courses

In the spirit of providing the best open source technology training in the world, NewCircle provides Linux Bootcamps, Level 1, 2, 3 and 5 as well as specialty Linux security, networking and administration courses. Go ahead and explore!

Linux Training Courses

Linux Certification Workshop Training Course

This course helps you prepare for the CompTIA Linux+ Certification exam. The course teaches Linux user commands, shell script programming, and essential Linux system administration tasks. Note that completion of this course alone is not adequate preparation to pass the exam. The actual Linux+ Certification is designed to measure the competencies of Linux professionals who have six to twelve months of practical experience with the Linux operating system. Thus, after this course you need more study, practice, and experience prior to taking the exam.

Linux Fundamentals Training Course

Designed to provide the essential skills needed to be proficient at the Unix or Linux command line, this challenging, highly praised course focuses on the fundamental concepts and tools which make Linux so powerful.

Linux Internals Training Course

This course focuses on the elements of the Linux kernel that allow programmers to build software components that are linked to the hardware level. Students gain a general understanding of basic tools and interfaces in order to successfully modify features and develop new aspects of the kernel.

Linux Level 1 - Use and Administration Training Course

This five-day course provides the student with the knowledge to use Linux both as an end user and as an entry-level system administrator. Students will learn the basic command line utilities to navigate the file system and manipulate files, including use of the vi editor and file permissions. The course includes an overview of the available Linux GUI front ends, and specifically looks at the configuration and use of Gnome. System administration topics such as job control, installation and configuration are covered before the basic admin tasks of installing packages, managing users, and booting the system.

Linux Level 2 - Advanced Linux Administration Training Course

This five-day course provides the student with the knowledge to perform system administrator tasks relating to the administration of filesystems, including set uid bit for permissions, partition management, mounting and unmounting, disk diagnostics, RAID, LVM and NFS disk types, and disk quotas. The course finishes with administration of hardware devices, basic networking, including TCP/IP, and system troubleshooting.

Linux System Administration Training Course

Learn and practice essential Linux system administration tasks. This course is not specific to a particular Linux distribution and presents information about using Linux in a commercial environment.

Advanced DNS Training Course

Reliable and robust operation of the DNS hierarchy - from the root servers to an individual domain name server - is critical to all Internet operations.

The course covers administrative security, Stealth configurations, load-balancing, failover strategies, best practises and DHCP integration with DDNS. While the primary focus of the course is BIND other DNS software will be discussed.