Marakana Training Courses

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Marakana Training Courses

Lua Essentials Training Course

Lua is a programming language that is both simple and powerful. Likely you have seen or heard of Lua being used in scripting and modifying video games - World of Warcraft and Angry Birds being two that most people know about. Perhaps more and more of us are bumping into Lua usage because the language is: 1. simple enough that brave non-programmers can read through the code and make changes 2. embeddable within big, pre existing systems or small less powerful devices 3. provides enough tools to do everything you need 4. is (pretty) easily extensible for when you need more power. This class is designed to introduce the Lua language and programming concepts that make working with the language even better.

NewCircle Method Training Course

The Big Picture Training Course

The Big Picture course is designed to give you the understanding of the complex world of technology in layman's terms. By the and this course, you should understand the various lingo of software and hardware and have a grasp of how the pieces fit together. 
Topics covered include:
  • Client/Server and The Cloud
  • Inside the computer aka The Stack
  • Runtime vs. Development
  • Open vs. closed systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Languages
  • Frameworks
  • Tools
  • Methodologies