Python Training Courses

Python is a powerful dynamic programming language used for a variety of applications including web development, automated testing, and even pharmaceuticals. Python is often compared to Tcl, Perl, Ruby, Scheme or Java.

NewCircle's Python Training is a set of courses designed for novice programmers, as well as experienced developers, just getting into this new language and platform.

Python Training Courses

Advanced Python Training Course

How do the world's best engineering teams use Python?  What language features to they use, and how? How do you do test-driven development, leverage Python's object model, build concurrent servers, and more?  This course for experienced developers helps you take your expertise in Python to a whole new level.

Python Fundamentals Training Course

Python Fundamentals is a 4-5 day training course in the Python language and its many applications. The course covers the language itself, explains object-oriented as well as functional programming techniques, error handling, packaging, system and network programming, many of the Python extensions (libraries), as well as best practices. All concepts are explained through hands-on examples and exercises, so students learn by coding in Python.

Pro Django Training Course

Pro Django is a deeper look at the Django web application framework. Pro Django answers the unanswered questions in the Django Tutorial and empowers developers with the tools and essential applications consistently used by advanced Django developers.

By the end of the course each participant will build a Django App complete with a REST API. Participants will get exposure to advanced features of the Django ORM and Form handling components and understand the development process for non-trivial Django apps.