Pro Django Training Course

Course Summary

Pro Django is a deeper look at the Django web application framework. Pro Django answers the unanswered questions in the Django Tutorial and empowers developers with the tools and essential applications consistently used by advanced Django developers.

By the end of the course each participant will build a Django App complete with a REST API. Participants will get exposure to advanced features of the Django ORM and Form handling components and understand the development process for non-trivial Django apps.


Duration [top]

4 days.

Objectives [top]

Objectives Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand best practices for organizing and deploying a Django project
  • Build Django Apps using advanced features of the framework 
  • Integrate DB migrations using South 
  • Profile, explore, and debug your Django application with essential third party applications 
  • Understand how to provide a REST style web service for your application

Audience [top]

This course is designed for software developers interested in building web applications with Django. It is suitable for Django novices who have completed the excellent Django tutorial as well as more experienced Django developers looking to upgrade their toolset and practices.

Prerequisites [top]

Completion of this Django Tutorial.

Instructors [top]


Greg Sadetsky has spent the last 10 years as an entrepreneur, software engineer and scientist. Besides starting a coworking space and an online TV broadcasting outlet, he co-founded and led a successful web mapping consultancy, whose clients included major US technology companies.

His development experience includes building web-based hurricane and forest fire tracking maps, interfacing with physical access control systems and doing real-time processing of biological images in the context of medical research. His weapons of choice have been Python and JavaScript.

Greg is completing his Master's degree in Biophotonics at University Laval and lives in Quebec City.

More about Greg Sadetsky...
Kenneth Love is a full-stack, freelance web developer who focuses mostly on Python and Django.

Kenneth created the Getting Started with Django tutorial series for getting people new to Django up to speed with best practices and techniques. He also created the django-braces package which brings several handy mixins to the generic class-based views in Django. More about Kenneth Love...

Outline [top]

Day One

  • Tutorial Review and basic Django concepts: models, views and templates
  • Sample App exploration
  • Pro Django Setup: virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper
  • easy_install and pip
  • django-debug-toolbar and django-extensions
  • South and database migrations

Day 2

  • Django ORM advanced: aggregation and annotation
  • Reporting/Data analysis application
  • Database performance profiling
  • using Django signals to denormalise
  • applied database migrations

Day 3

  • generic views, JSON, and speaking HTTP
  • Forms, ModelForms, and Formsets
  • REST APIs and Piston

Day 4

  • Unit testing with Django
  • QA