Ruby on Rails Bootcamp Training Course

Course Summary

This 5-day Ruby on Rails Training Course combines two of our most popular courses into a one week long workshop. The first part of this course is 2 Days of Ruby. The second part is 3 days of Rails. You will learn to put your web development on Rails. Experience the Rails way of approaching web applications and see how you'll be able to spend less time configuring and more time developing.

Starting with the basics of Ruby and Rails, you'll learn the full Rails' MVC stack, testing techniques, Ajax and even web services. We'll work through the full life-cycle of a Rails project, giving you experience with all facets of a typical app.


Duration [top]

5 days.

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp is composed of the following:

Objectives [top]

By taking the Ruby on Rails Training course, students will:

  • Configure and install Ruby and Rails
  • Learn the basics of the Ruby language
  • Build a new Rails application from scratch
  • Setup and manage databases with migrations
  • Learn how to configure Rails' routing
  • Practice test-driven development (TDD) with Rspec
  • Learn about behavior-driven development (BDD) with Cucumber
  • Learn how to leverage ActiveRecord with associations, validations, and callbacks
  • Understand resources and REST, and how to use them in a Rails application
  • Learn how to find and use plugins
  • Understand the various deployment options for Rails applications
  • Understand Rails' opinions and how to embrace or override them

Audience [top]

Bootcamp This course is designed for developers who have some web development experience that wish to learn Ruby on Rails.

Prerequisites [top]

The participants taking the Ruby on Rails Training course must be familiar with the general principles of object oriented programming (OOP). Prior exposure to the following concepts and technologies is very helpful, but not required:

  • General understanding of web development principles
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript
  • Basic understanding of the HTTP protocol, including concepts like SSL, redirection, GET vs POST, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of SQL
  • Familiarity with MySQL (or any other relational database)

Instructors [top]


Alex is a hardcore coder, teacher, and a prolific contributor to a variety of open source tools and frameworks. At Pivotal Labs, he led the development of Pivotal Tracker, a popular project management application written in Ruby and JavaScript. He is also regarded as one of the Bay Area's leading Extreme Programming coaches. On top of his many software development accomplishments, he has published research papers on evolutionary computation (aka 'genetic algorithms') and implicit memory in human cognition.

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Brian is an independent consultant with 30 years' experience as a software developer and worked for a stock exchange, the U.S. Navy, a large software company, and several startups and small companies, before striking out on his own. Brian is fluent in many languages, including Scala, Java, Python, Ruby and C#, and C. In addition, he is highly familiar with current web application technologies, including frameworks like Play!, Ruby on Rails, Django, and front-end technologies like Knockout.js and Angular.js.

Brian founded the Philly Area Scala Enthusiasts in 2010 and, since 2011, has been a co-organizer of the Northeast Scala Symposium; he was also co-organizer of Scalathon, in 2011 and 2012. He maintains a substantial GitHub repository of open source projects and is fond of saying that even after many years as a software developer, "programming is still one of my favorite activities."

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Daniel Morrison has been teaching Ruby, Ruby on Rails courses since 2007. Not to mention helping some of the most advanced software teams across the U.S. with consulting projects within the Ruby and Rails space. Daniel brings his industry expertise from these real world projects to the training class. With a background in Computer Science, there's a good chance Daniel will start rambling on about Merge Sorts or Big Oh calculations. If you leave him alone, however, his fascination with code, databases, and APIs will kick in and he'll start programming.

Daniel founded Collective Idea in 2005 to put a name to his growing, and already full-time freelance work. He can usually be found (coffee in hand) staring into a tiny 15" digital world. He writes about code and other uninteresting things on his blog.

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Nathaniel Jones has been a web developer for about a decade now, working primarily with Ruby on Rails for the past four years. About a year ago, he founded Third Prestige, a web application studio in Austin, TX, built around the idea that designers and developers work side by side through the entire process to deliver the best possible overall product. Along that line, he's always strived to be a full-stack developer, transforming business logic into database schemas one day and layering in smooth transitions with jQuery or CSS3 the next. He also helped start the course Design for Developers, helping developers understand the principles and logic behind how design works.

He's excited to help mentor developers in best practices and delivering maintainable software, whether that's helping teach with MakerSquare, a 10-week web development bootcamp, or volunteering at Cafe Bedouins, Austin's weekly hacknight, or just pair programming with a junior developer on hard problems.

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Renée draws upon experience from a variety of projects, from high energy physics simulation to financial forecasting models, to provide key expertise for her clients in the areas of business intelligence and software development. As a business consultant, she utilized her background in computer science and economics to create innovative solutions for leading organizations in the telecommunications, aerospace, and high tech industries. As an expert in agile development and a technical leader in the Ruby on Rails software community, she co-founded Seattle RailsBridge and frequently presents at both domestic and international Ruby conferences.

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Outline [top]

Ruby Overview

  • Objects
  • Classes
  • Core Ruby
  • Common Standard Library Classes
  • Control Structures
  • Scope
  • Blocks
  • Modules


  • Git
  • Gems

Test-driven Development with RSpec

  • Introduction to TDD
  • Red-Green-Refactor
  • Describing a feature
  • Verifying expectations
  • Mocks & Stubs

Rails Introduction

  • The Architecture
  • the Model-View-Controller pattern
  • Rails project structure
  • Scaffolding for jumpstart

Rails Toolbox

  • Rake
  • Git
  • Test Frameworks
  • Deploying a Rails application

Demystifying Rails

  • The Console
  • Models with ActiveRecord
  • Routes and Controllers
  • Associations
  • Migrations
  • Views

Test-Driving your Rails App

  • Beyond Scaffolding
  • BDD with Cucumber and Rspec
  • Outside-in Testing
  • Test-driving Feature Development
  • Rails testing helpers

Advanced Controllers and Models

  • Validations
  • Evolving your Database
  • Modifying Application Flow

Rails Power Tools

  • Named Routes
  • Rails Plugins
  • User Authentication

Student Testimonials [top]

I will definitely dive into more Ruby concepts, to assist me with making a great Web App. Thanks!

Amee - Firelight Foundation

I don't have a lot of suggestions for improvement - this class was incredibly beneficial to me.

Zach - Oregon State University

I learned great tips and I definitely got a better understanding of ruby and ruby on rails.

Marjorie -

Modern style of learning. Liked the monitors that we can see at the same time.

Michael - Interwoven

The instructor was willing to revise the course to show examples of how he would solve some real problems

Jerry - Comcast Cable

This instructor knows her stuff, and is so generous with sharing her hard-earned knowledge, not just about Ruby on Rails but about programming and being part of the Open Source community in general. Whether or not I end up using Rails in the future (which is dependent upon my work environment, not on how I feel about Rails; I like it very much!), I will be a better programmer in general thanks to the experience I had in this class.

Paige - Reed College

Sarah was great and demonstrates a solid understanding of the material and its real world use.

Tris - Ivybay Consulting

A great introduction to Rails.

Lee - JGI

Great course. It was nice to have a teacher who USES this stuff on a day-to-day basis, instead of someone who's a professioanl training-course teacher with little real-world experience. Thanks Dan!

David - RIC International

A really excellent course. Brandon is highly knowledgable and a good teacher. Exercises are relevant and a great way to learn.

Matt - Leica Geosystems

Most fun and useful training I've taken during my 8-year run at Stanford. Thank you much!

Kevin - Stanford University

I loved the last day of the class, where we worked on pairs and had fun while learning and coding in Ruby. The instructor was willing to answer many questions. She was extremely knowledgeable on ruby gems, plugins and development tools. She was very helpful when we got stuck on something. I thought the class was excellent.

Jose - Oregon State University

Fantastic class. The breath, depth and technical knowledge of the instructor was amazing. This class really solidified and expanded my understanding of the material.

Derek - Intuit

The class was well organized and we were fortunate to have an excellent instructor in Daniel. He was able to adjust the course work on the fly to meet the class's collective needs.

Michael - Medidata Solutions

Wolf is great. By the end of the week he felt like part of our team.

Rob - G5 Search Marketing

Great course! Great instructor! Always a pleasure to learn from someone who uses Rails on a daily basis and is familiar with the development process and the community.
Overall it was a great experience, the training was intense but the instructors were great helping everybody and explaining stuff in great detail - I would highly recommend this class to other people trying to learn about ruby/Rails land!

Manuel - NBCUniversal

Wolf is a very talented person; not just a trainer, but you can also tell he is practicing what he is teaching. Excellent.

Frank - MacArthur Foundation

I was very pleased with the quality of the material, the training facility itself and the instructor. The facility is comfortable and provides an environment that is conducive for learning. Brandon is excellent. If I didn't quite grasp something, he pulled up a chair and we went over it together. He's a wonderful instructor that take a keen interest in ensuring you understand the material.

Scott - Dutchland, Inc.

Wolf is a very capable instructor who really knows the material well. He took the time to understand our needs both as an organization and as individuals, and adjusted the course content appropriately. He was able to coach some of our novice team members through the basics while still covering more advanced topics for those of us who already have TDD experience. My only disappointment is that we didn't have more time to cover writing user stories.

Maeve - G5 Search Marketing

Wolf was an excellent instructor who demonstrated a vast array of knowledge with TDD tools. He was able to work across different personalities in the group and bring them together, no small feat! The training extended well beyond the materials and Wolf was able to orchestrate themes and present ideas in a clear fashion.

Chris - G5 Search Marketing

Daniel is a great instructor. Great knowledge and skills and good attitude and humor.

Truong - Walt Disney Animation Studios

This is one of the best training that I have been to (perhaps the best).

Sriram - New York Life Insurance Company

I thought the course was fantastic, Brandon did a great job of taking something complicated and moving through it in a way that was easy to follow and understand. He was very helpful helping figure out any problems. I liked that our sample project was something relevant, too, and I'm sure I will be using some things I learned here very soon at work. The level of the group, too, ended up being beneficial, as people had different backgrounds but were at a similar level in terms of knowledge so we all could move at the same pace and benefit from each other's questions. I'd definitely consider coming back down for another course if I find that I need more training in another area like I did with Ruby on Rails.

Alexis - K2 Sports

I really like including the ZenTest and testing capabilities during development. Powerful.

Kevin - Walt Disney Animation Studios

The instructor was great, Brian is a wealth of knowledge and is really good at reading a group of people to tailor course material to a wide variety of skill sets.

Charles - Comcast

Instructor was great. Very knowledgeable. Would enjoy taking having a more advanced training through him.

Ryne - MediaTrust

Daniel was very accommodating and great about touching more advanced topics on latest plugins and tools.

Simona - JGI

I thought Wolf was a great teacher...

Paul - G5

Instruction was great.

Matthew - Thamesoft