Rails Administration Training Course

Course Summary

Ruby on Rails Administration training course covers the ins-and-outs of managing Ruby on Rails applications in a production environment.

Students will learn about the pros and cons of various server configurations and how to build them out, deploying new versions of Rails applications at the push of a button, monitoring, performance tuning, security-proofing, and scaling your Rails application to meet real-world demands.


Duration [top]

2 days.

Objectives [top]

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the principles of Ruby on Rails (RoR) web application framework to your colleagues
  • Install, setup, and deploy RoR-based applications on Unix-type environments
  • Understand the pros and cons of various RoR deployment configurations
  • Manage application updates with a push of a button
  • Monitor applications in real-time
  • Troubleshoot common application issues
  • Secure your RoR environments
  • Understand how to size your RoR deployments based on expected usage scenarios
  • Performance-tune and scale your RoR applications

Audience [top]

This course is for web/application server administrators who need to be able to install, configure, run, secure, and tune Ruby on Rails application deployments. System architects and RoR developers can also benefit from this training.

Prerequisites [top]

To get the most benefit from this course, you should be familiar with the basic principles of [web/application] server administration.

Additionally, prior exposure to any of these concepts can be helpful:

  • Unix/Linux/BSD, Windows, or Mac Administration
  • HTTP protocol (i.e., the stateless nature of HTTP, the need for sessions, HTTP methods, SSL, etc.)
  • SQL syntax including RDBMS administration (e.g. basic MySQL Administration)
  • The Ruby language or any other interpreted language (e.g. Perl or Python)

Instructors [top]


Renée draws upon experience from a variety of projects, from high energy physics simulation to financial forecasting models, to provide key expertise for her clients in the areas of business intelligence and software development. As a business consultant, she utilized her background in computer science and economics to create innovative solutions for leading organizations in the telecommunications, aerospace, and high tech industries. As an expert in agile development and a technical leader in the Ruby on Rails software community, she co-founded Seattle RailsBridge and frequently presents at both domestic and international Ruby conferences.

More about Renée De Voursney...

Outline [top]

Ruby on Rails Overview

  • Overview of Ruby
  • Overview of Web Development
  • Overview of Ruby on Rails 

Ruby on Rails Configurations

  • Apache + Mongrel
  • Nginx + Mongrel
  • JRuby (Tomcat)
  • Apache/Lighttpd + FastCGI

Rub on Rails Deployments

  • Source Code Management
  • Capistrano
  • Gems
  • Migrations
  • Staging environment


  • SSL (including requiring SSL)
  • Preventing cross-site-scripting
  • Preventing SQL injections
  • Blocking Clients by Source IP/Hostname 

Performance  and Scalability

  • caching MemCache
  • load balancing


  • monit
  • god
  • Error Notifications

Additional Notes [top]

Participants will receive the course materials in a printed and bound handout. Snacks and drinks will be served.

Student Testimonials [top]

Overall I think the course went well.

Marjorie - Yellowpages.com

Brandon was awesome and I would definitely recommend him to friends/colleagues

Patrick - Yellowpages.com

Brandon was great.

Greg - Yellowpages.com